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MPNP - Manitoba EOI Draw #44 - Share your Status

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Wallace10, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Anyone from EOI Draw #44 on May 11th, 2018?
    I am a SWO-EE Applicant for MPNP and my current status is "Assessment Pending"

    Let's network here and share our Status Updates till LOA and ITA....

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  2. Will be watching this thread. A friend's status from Draw #44 is the same - Assessment Pending
  3. My brother is also Pending,
    From submission to in Process how long does it take?
  4. I am also from draw 44 and status changed to assessment pending. I think sponsor will be interviewed during this time. Please update if anyone’s sponsor gets a call.
  5. Hii
    I am also from draw # 44
    Same like u guys my status is " assessment pending "
    I applied under skilled worker in Manitoba
  6. what's your status now?
  7. Same....
  8. Hi guys we are also assessment pending as of today. In addition, we'd like to know if you guys have an idea on the timeline once you have the MPNP already and updated your EE and get drawn, from that time to receiving the LAA. We asked because, I worked abroad for almost 2 years and is required to obtain a Police Clearance which has a validity of 90 days only. We are thinking of obtaining that document prior LAA to save time so we can submit all required documents immediately.
  9. From the recent timeline, MPNP processing takes between 5 to 6months from Full Application Submission. I will suggest if your update is still Assessment Pending as at your 5th month of submission, you can start processing your PCC. Knowing that you may have 1 Month interval between your LOA and ITA.. Best of Luck
  10. M also from draw 44 , still assessment pending , is there any update from ur side
  11. No Update yet... Still processing Draw 42. Hoping before October ending, they should move to Draw 44 with May submission date. Best of Luck..
  12. Greetings!
    Can u please guide me at what points did u receive LAA? what was your score? Can u please share your points division when u received LAA.
    Thanks in advance
  13. LAA was recieved at Draw 44

    Follow the following links to learn more
    1. Determine your Eligibility- Skilled Workers Overseas

    2. General Process and Policies
  14. Thanks for your quick response. I have already gone through these links. But my confusion is that even If i add 200 points in my close relatives in Manitoba in EOI points grid, my points would be somewhere between 530-540. However, in last draw the lowest score at which LAA was given was 592. Thats why i'm asking your points distribution so that i can know where my points are lacking. I'm scoring max. points in IELTS, in age, degree is Masters with 3 years experience. I'll highly appreciate if yo can share it with me

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