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MPNP, LAA received, need info about the application filing..

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by amrindsi, May 18, 2018.

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    Hi Team,

    I received my Mpnp LAA last week. i have a few queries, if someone can help me with..

    1)I declared a "connection to manitoba" with a friend. My Friend already supported a friend 7 months back (settlement plan)... Can i show a connection to the same friend ? the other friend he supported is already settled in Manitoba now. Is there a timeline for a supporter to re-support ? Guideline says, a supporter can support another friend if he/she supported someone and is settled...

    2) Education documents includes transcripts and degree. Are the transcripts still needed even if i got my ECA done from WES. Incase yes, do i need to get the transcript from university or a notarized copy of marksheet works ?

    3) Regulated occupation certificate, my job Noc 2147 falls under regulated occupation. Does it require a license in hand before we submit the docs ? the application question show :
    If your occupation is regulated, can you start the licensing process before you arrive? so i can start the licensing process once i get the pr ?
  2. Congrats. Please can you explain how you were able to get over 562 with a friend sponsor?
  3. He must have claimed 100 points for registered occupation and another 50 for regional migration.

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