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MPNP EOI Draw #45 46 47

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by faranshabbir, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Draw #45, document submitted 1st week of July, employer interviewed, "assessment in process" Monday
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  2. Wow
  3. Wow! It good to know they are now at draw 45. Thanks for the update and keep us posted
  4. good luck for all guys
  5. Hi, same draw and AOR with me, status: received. any update on yours?
  6. no update. still received.
  7. Hello everyone. I submitted my pnp file on 25 june and last week wednessday my status changed to assesment complete which means they will send me an email but how much does it take them to send me the email? Should i contact them or they usully take this much time?
  8. I got status changed to"assessment complete"Thursday, nomination letter will be sent probably within one week. good luck
  9. Good to listen that. And when did you apply your pnp file? Was it in june or later?
  10. documents submitted the first week of JUL
  11. same here. submitted july 17, SWM
  12. I am from draw 45 and timeline here.

    Letter of Advice to Apply: 31 May 2018
    Submitted Application: 15 July 2018
    SP2: 20 September 2018
    Current Status: Received
  13. Which draw number you were in and Skilled worker in Manitoba or Oversea?
  14. Are you Skilled worker in Manitoba or Oversea?
  15. Are you Skilled worker in Manitoba or Oversea?

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