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MPNP-B aspiring members

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Sachinruchi, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. Hey guys!
    Planning to go for exploratory visit to Manitoba under MPNP-B program before filing the EOI this summer. Need advice of the experienced ones. If there is anybody plz add me on my whats app 0091 8725070000
  2. Hi,

    I will text you now
  3. Hi All,

    I am also looking to make exploratory trip, any tips? Please share.

  4. me too planning to do the same during this August.
  5. The main challenge for me now is to get the tourist visa, it is not easy generally.
  6. Very soon the Government of Manitoba planning to increase Minimum investment amount. Currently its CAD 150K... They are also planning to increase Minimum networth requirement. Currently its CAD 350K..

    ts better to process ASAP in order to catch up lower requirement.
  7. What type of business do you intend to open in Manitoba?
  8. I am thinking of MPNP-B too. After reading the discussions on this forum and official website, I concluded that conducting a Business Research Visit is necessary for my case.

    However, information on how to organize such a trip is hard to find. Of course, getting a visa is not an easy thing for folks from 3rd world countries like me, but let say it's achievable.

    We then need to plan for the trip. I would assume that we need to visit some businesses and/or their business associations to collect information for our business idea and plan.

    On this forum, I could find some useful information, but not all. Let's share our thoughts and help each others.

    On a side note, I am grateful that one of the forum members is so kind in responding to my private message, giving me valuable information, thank you ymag. (Some other members are quite arrogant in their public response.)
  9. for the trip arrangement, you guys can contact me to set up a trip schedule. I am happy to provide you useful and insight information during the trip for your business plan development as well as settlement in real life after landing.

    My email: hiep.luu17@yahoo.ca
  10. For the benefits of the forum members, would you be so kind to share your useful and insight information here.

    If your are providing these information as a service, it's totally understandable. Then please provide a package price or cost break down.

    Thank you.
  11. Videography Services
  12. I found a company in Winnipeg that offers assistance in putting together a business plan.

    From their website:
  13. I am planning as well next week for the Exploratory trip, can you please email your advice. my email is mkamiikhan@yahoo.com
  14. Planning to go for an exploratory visit to Manitoba under MPNP-B program before filing the EOI. Need advice on the experienced ones. If there is anybody. :)
  15. I have been asking the same question several times, but did not get much. I guess not many people want to share their experience on this forum.

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