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  1. What are expected changes for SWOs ?
  2. Changes will take effect on 1 April 2017

    1. 500$ non refundable fee.
    2. 99% of people will receive Invitation to Apply only if they have Job offer, others will not be qualified.

    As far as I read these are the changes.
  3. Dear All
    I need you help.I am temporary foreign worker currently in Canada (Manitoba) working in an occupation that falls under NOC O.
    As I have read that I can take base PNP route after completing 6 months of employment and apply for PR using paper application route and processing might take anytime between 12-18 months depending on the case.
    I have the intention to use express entry route if I manage to secure "enhanced PNP" which enables to take express entry route.

    As I noticed that CRS points have gone down significantly; Will just PNP nomination would suffice to make me eligible to get an invitation to apply for Pr through Express Entry.Information on MPNP website is very ambiguous.I wonder if anyone throws some light on this.

  4. Dear all,

    I have some question regarding IELTS Result.

    I have Province Nominee and now have to fill out Application Forms for applying to PR.

    Since what date CIC does consider IELTS 2 year's validation? Since the date I've submitted to MPNP or the date I send required forms to CIC?

  5. Hay all,

    I studied 1 year program in ontsrio and moved to manitoba to take other 1 year course to get 3 yr WP as well to get the pr easily.My question is, does the -100 points for a job which is done outside the province manitoba have to full time, as i have done part time job during my studies.Does that make my points less means -100 for the part time jobs ?
  6. I advice you email mpnp directly.
  7. Yep, I did :)I will post it, if i get a reply.
    Thanks Kingskid.. :)
  8. Hi, Im new here. I would like to know if the new process for MPNP 2017 will
    still require connection to Manitoba?
  9. They are working on new MPNP renewal and will only announce it in early 2017, most probably in april/may.
    500CAD application fees for those who get the invitation, from the expression of interest pool
    More preference to the canditate who are having Manitoba in-demand job/ job offer

  10. this is serious
  11. Guys if you are applying for MPNP please join the MPNP Tracker

    Also we have watsapp group, just share your number and I will add you.
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