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Moving to Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Angelminou, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. My name is Enzi! I am 22 years old, me and my wife got married last month and we are still waiting for the marriage certificate so we can go for Sponsor visa for Canada ( I travel to Canada on my US green card to be with her) , we got married in court. After going back and forth from past 3 years we decided to move in together and try to settle life and family

    But the problem is my wife Canadian citizen and she have her work and house there
    Meanwhile she wants me to move in with her. But according to my PR card of US ( which is valid for next 5 years!) I can’t be allowed to stay out of USA more than a year.

    But is there a way ? I can be with her while extending visa up to another 6 months? And open work permit there ?

    Because when I come out to my family they kicks me out. So managing all my studies and job is hard and I need my partner be with me for support and care.

    I tried looking some lawyers but it’s kind of hard to get proper answer!

    My fiancée don’t want me to go for Outland process even I told her I can manage ( by asking my roommate to let me stay and work on my old job in USA until process work)

    But is there a way extension visa and inland process work ? Even you are on us greencard staying in Canada ?
  2. What does the US green card have to do with this? Your wife can sponsor you, either inland or outland. You decide which way you want to go.

    She can move with you to the US, or you can move to Canada, or else she stays here and you stay there and she sponsors you.

    I don't understand why you're asking about visa extensions/US green card etc.
  3. It is a bit confusing bringing up that you can't be out of the USA for more than a year to keep your GC valid. What did you intend to do if and when you get PR status to be with your wife in Canada ? If you are not planning on staying up with your wife in Canada, then going thru the whole process is mute.
    Having a GC is really irrelevant in the whole scheme of things, being compliant with that is between you and the INS Seems it is more important to you in keeping the GC, then applying inland to be with your wife in Canada
    You are not going to get a open work permit until you actually apply for inland spousal, and that will take 3-4 months

  4. Because inland process take more than a year or maybe 2 depends on all the paper load of cases they have.
    And my PR card of US only allow me to stay with my fiancée for 6 month if i wanna work in Canada by opening OWP
    I need to apply extension ( according to website) so just want to sure it won’t put any effect on the case even I am on greencard instead of being citizen ?

  5. When I get my PR card in Canada I wanna live there so I can support her and later on try to settle down with her.
    But the Us PR card allow me to stay there in Canada for 6 month. I have no plans to return if there is a chance for me to work there and be beside the one I want to live

    But some people told me inland process is not possible cause of my PR card and I might lose it
  6. No, the extension process will not be affected by your being on a US green card. You can stay for six months, then apply for an extension.
  7. Don't listen to these people. The inland process has nothing to do with your green card. In fact, it is possible to be sponsored inland even for those who are living in Canada without legal status (if they are married to a Canadian).

    However, yes, it is possible that you may lose your US green card if you stay outside the US for a long time. The US has rules for their PR that you need to follow, and if you don't, they may take it away.

    That has nothing to do with your Canadian process though - the two are entirely independent. You need to decide which country's rules you want to follow.

  8. I am green card holder and my husband applied for the PR for me. We applied for inland sponsorship last year and after 3 months i got my work permit so i don't need any extension of visa so don't worry go for the inland safely. Good Luck.

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