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Moving to Canada with a Newborn

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by MarcusErectus, Nov 14, 2019.

  1. Hi, my wife and I are PR in Canada. I have been a PR since 2009 and my wife just landed in August 2019 while she was pregnant. We had the baby in September 26th in New Jersey, making him a US citizen. She has health insurance here in the US and we didn't want to not have health insurance for her and the baby that's why we've decided to have the baby here in the US.

    We're moving to Canada after we get the baby's US passport. My question is, will he be needing a TRV or will the border people let him into Canada when we go drive up? Thanks!
  2. No the child doesn’t need a TRV. If you have been a PR since 2009 are you compliant with your PR?
  3. Yes, I believe so. I'm in the US right now and planning on staying here until around January.

    Do you also know how long until my wife and son will have OHIP coverage when we go back to Canada?
  4. Your wife is subject to the 3 month wait period.

    Your son will be entering as a visitor and won't actually qualify for health coverage until after becoming a PR.
  5. I see. I have just sponsored my wife and I think I've signed an undertaking, and I understand that I have to wait three years before I sponsor someone again. Can I sponsor my son while I'm in the undertaking? My wife's only been a PR for three months, and I'm not sure if she is qualified to sponsor yet.
  6. You would only have to wait 3 years to sponsor another spouse. Either of you can sponsor your child as soon as you are back in Canada.
  7. Your child may not have OHIP for up to a year or more so you need to take out emergency health insurance and also plan to pay for well baby check-ups.

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