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Moving to Canada permanently along with spouse with Visit visa

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by saibabug, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Hi All,

    I have completed my soft landing recently via road. My spouse has multiple entry visit visa. I mentioned that family is non accompanying in PR application and said i will apply for them later. Now we returned back to USA. My Kids are US and Canadian citizens.
    My situation is
    * i'm planning to move to Canada permanently in December along with my Car(to be exported at the same time) and family
    Due to the export of my car it is obvious i'm moving permanently to Canada and will the Canadian officials deny entry for my spouse or question me/her entry because she has visit visa only?
  2. what is the status of your husband in US?
  3. I'm the husband and PR holder. I'm on L1 B visa in USA and resigning the current job to move to Canada. me and My wife are Indian Citizens
  4. you mentioned ur kids are canadian citizens? what about your wife does she has any status in US or Canada

    i would suggest apply for a express entry from US
  5. One kid is US and Another kid is Canadian. My Wife is on dependent visa. I would like to know if my wife can come with to Canada and i will say that i will apply for her PR in Canada while she is staying in Canada with me
    Also i would like to apply her PR as dependent (Relation)
  6. Since she has Visitor visa (for Canada), she is not allowed to stay in Canada for longer than 6 months. The spousal sponsorship process can take longer than that. She will also not be able to return to the US on a dependent (I guess H4) Visa, because you as a principal will not be in the US. After 6 months she will need to return to her home country and wait for the spousal sponsorship application to be approved.
  7. It is quite possible that she would be refused entry, as it is obvious that she is essentially moving to Canada with you, or she may just be allowed entry. No one here can say what will happen.
  8. She can stay longer than 6 months and doesn't need to leave. They can either apply inland with an OWP or she can simply extend her visitor status.

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