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Moving personal household from Europe to Canada and goods to follow

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by MiettiMei, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm moving to Canada from Germany this month (25th) and I'm currently looking for a courier company, as I only have a couple of carton boxes and no furniture. I plan to go with Eurosender, but does anyone have any other recommendation?

    In the meantime, as some threads suggested, the shipment won't be duty-free before the PR is approved. I was wondering how is "approved" defined? I have received my CoPR and will do the landing procedures on 25th, and present the "goods to follow" list at the immigration office. Would it be a problem if the courier company picks up my cartons on 24th? The arrival time should be a week after. Which date matters here? The arrival date or the pick up date? Does it make better sense if I leave the cartons to a friend and have the company pick them up after I have landed?

    Thanks for the information :) !

  2. The arrival date. It's when they enter the country.
  3. If your goods arrive after your landing, there will be no duties.
  4. You need to create a 'goods to follow' list with an estimated $CAD value for each item listed (re-sale value, not original cost). You hand this over and get it stamped when you 'land to declare PR / activate CoPR'. You cannot do this until you have at least landed as PR.

    Your goods will as you say arrive a few days later.

    CBSA will hold your goods and not release them until you attend the office they state (your shipping company should notify you when and where to attend) and bring the stamped goods to follow form. They will then release your boxes for onward shipment or collection.

    Goods accompanying list is a separate list and only applies to goods actually with you when you arrive.

    Reading here:

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  5. Thank you all for the information! I'll then have my stuff picked up 1 day before the flight, and fill out the form according to what @Hurlabrick has suggested.

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