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moving from Rochester to Ontario

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by laracroft0077, Nov 7, 2019.

  1. I am on H1b and working in Rochester and will be moving to Ontario in next 2 months.
    my family consists of me,my spouse(on h4 no eid) and 2 kids

    My questions are

    1. How do i search for houses in Ontario ?
    2. what is the best way of shifting the house
    3. is it possible that i move to canada and bring back my family after a month or 2
    4. My H1b expires in march, is it possible that i travel up and down for couple of weeks to setup my family in Ontario

    any help will be highly appreciated
  2. Are you working in Rochester, NY? You can drive to the border and come back to NY immediately if you want. You don't need to settle right away. For housing, you can check craiglist & airbnb.
  3. 1. Temporary can be found on Airbnb. Long term I would recommend working with a realtor (free for buyer). If you plan to do it yourself then check kijiji (like Craigslist)
    2. Rochester is close enough that you could search for a place upfront and move your stuff once you have a long term place
    3. Sure, assuming your copr is valid till then.
    4. Yes assuming your status is current (valid Visa with no stamping requirements)
  4. 1) Should be "free for renter"
    3) Even if COPR is used for landing, the stamped COPR can be reuse for traveling via the land border to Canada
  5. Thanks Guys, It was such a relief after getting to know that I can travel up and down.

  6. By the way, I am moving to canada on work permit not through PR so i am not sure about COPR, I hope i can travel up and down even on work permit
  7. Ok it was not clear from your first post.
    Suggest posting on relevant forum to get reply from more folks who have done something similar.

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