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Movement of Goods across the land border from US (based on B4)

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by TEJSUN, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. I hold the PR (since Dec 2017). I made first landing and left Canada in few days. I had filled out a form (list of articles to follow) at the time of landing. I guess it is form B4. I have a copy of this form. I am currently in US and intend to move to Canada in couple of months for good. I plan to send the goods using Movers and Packers. I had few questions on that:

    1. Since I plan to go by Air, which documents should the Movers and Packers should have to ensure the goods do not attract any tax/penalty?

    2. Do I have to be physically present with the form B4 during the goods crossing the boundary? (Sounds a stupid question but was wondering if this is a requirement)?

    3. Any suggestions on reasonable logistics companies?

    Appreciate a response on the above.
  2. Everything you need to know is here:


    They don't need anything from you. They will do their own list and send this with the shipment. Mention to them that you already have a stamped B4 by all means, but they don't need or want that.


    Your movers will call / email you to advise you where and when to go to which VBSA office in Canada with your stamped B4 document, your proof of ID and the shippers form (they will send this to you). Roll up at the CBSA office in question and present this. They will stamp your B4 document then release your shipment for onward delivery or for you to pick up (whatever you have arranged with your shippers)

  3. Awesome. Thanks a lot

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