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Mother In Law Visitor Visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by NehalBhandari, Jan 16, 2020 at 11:32 AM.

  1. Hi,

    I am in currently in United states (From Past 3 years) and my company has applied for ICT (Intra Comapny Transfer). My application is in progress (not yet approved). My Mother in law is here with us (from past 1 month) in United States and we need to apply for her visitor visa to Canada so that we can travel together.
    Can I apply her visitor visa while my application is in progress or do I have to wait for my visa. Also, We dont have an address in Canada for now as we will be travelling together and find accommodation when we land.
    Last thing, I can stay here in US until February 15th and would need my mother in laws visa prior to that date. Please suggest.
  2. She'll have to show ties to here home country, which would be difficult because she's not in her home country , and it'll appear that she's moving along with you
    And if she's already been with you one month already , it'll already appear she doesn't have strong ties
  3. But can we apply for her visa while my ICT is in progress?
  4. There's no rule that says you can't, but a lot of the analysis from above that says you'll be refused.

    If you are okay with watching $185 disappear, then full speed ahead.
  5. Ok. So If I wait for my visa to get approved then would that help to secure a visitor visa for her?
  6. No it still won’t help because it appears she is moving with you. Why can’t she return home?
  7. She can return home but we need her help in Toronto and once she goes back to India it will take time to get her visitor visa and then coming back to Toronto.
  8. What help do you need of her? Working in Canada as a visitor is illegal.
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    No We dont want her to work.
  10. That's childcare, which is work, which would be illegal in Canada without a work permit.
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    She is her grand mother.
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    Thats still considered illegal work , because if the MIL did not do it, then you'd more then likely have to HIRE a caregiver to do the work , someone from Canada who is authorized to do it, the MIL isn't
    Question being, is after you settle , who will take care of the child once the MIL is gone if she's approved for a visa ? Since obviously, one can't leave a infant alone
    You'd hire someone, hence the 'work'
    And two months stay , as mentioned earlier, shows little ties to her home country , if she's already been gone a month staying with you in the US
  13. Thanks for help. She will go back to India and will call her in future.
  14. People sometimes get refused if they are not applying from their home country. The idea is to show ties to your home country and if already in the states it can be hard to prove shes a genuine traveler.
    Also note that her visa application has nothing to do with you. She would need to qualify on her own merits. But if she waits until you actually move then she can at least put down a purpose of visit. Which is to visit family and grandchildren (as others have said do not put help with childcare, just put to visit).
    Another plus of waiting until you move to Canada is that she would have gone to the united states and then returned to her home country. This will show some travel history, that she went to a visa requiring country like the USA and then returned home following the conditions.

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