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Mistakenly Misrepresented on Schedule A Form

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Stressed123, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Please help, I mistakenly ticket No on Schedule A form saying my Wife/ PA was not refused admission to any country. Now, LVO is saying I have misrepresented and she/ PA might not meet requirement to move to Canada, but they have told me to send them an updated form and answer truthfully. But, I also notice, that I have should said Yes to one question before that which was have you ever been refused visa to any country. Because, my wife was denied USA visa twice.

    Do you guys think updating Schedule and answering truthfully now will correct these mistakes and in explanation should I say it was a honest mistake?

    Thank you very much everyone, I only have limited time please answer.
  2. thats a huge mistake. it could be counted on the basis of misrepresentation.

    i also had this mistake but i realized this before cic figured it out. i simply sent web form with a letter mentioning my mistake which was that my wife got refused a us visa. and i included the new form with the correction ticked as yes my wife got refused a visa. i just got Passport request today. good luck. i hope london visa office doesnt ban your wife from canada. hopefully they are lenient and won't send a procedural fairness letter. im sure people make this mistake all the time so they'll be lenient
  3. I guess my only defence is to say that it was a mistake and truly it was a mistake and hopefully they do accept it. But, my question is that will saying it was a honest mistake be accepted, they have asked for updated Schedule A, does that mean they are giving me a chance, or they just prove to basically ban my wife from Canada?
  4. I did same mistake I had visa refusals and didn’t realized it until I received my PFL last February. I explained in details that it was an honest mistake but after that did not hear back from LVO it has been 4month with silence
  5. Yes I would say they’re giving you another chance. You’re lucky I’ve heard of other people that were not given another chance and their wives were banned from Canada for 5 years.

    Just reprint the form and fix the question to yes
    And then you’d have to explain why you ticked yes.

    Also write a letter saying your mistake was an honest error.

    Relax you are not banned yet your wife I mean. So no need to stress yourself unless they sent you a procedural fairness letter
  6. Thanks BBstar88
  7. Wow that's very bad, at least I have been given a chance, so hopefully they will accept an explanation letter from me that it was a honest mistake.

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