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Mistake on imm5710, will my application be returned


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Oct 19, 2018
Hi, I'm being sponsored by my Canadian spouse, im here on a visitor visa, going into implied status after tomorrow, i applied for a visitor record a month ago. we sent our application back in April (inland) so we still have no AOR. I'm very nervous about a mistake I made filling the Open Work Permit form imm5710. More specifically in the 'coming into Canada' section. it asks:
  1. Date and place of your original entry to Canada
  2. Date and place of your most recent entry to Canada (if not the same as original entry)
When I was filling this form I didn't know what I was actually supposed to put in them (I now hate myself for not searching properly). So in ORIGINAL entry section, I put my LAST ENTRY to Canada (March 2019) Instead of my Original entry date (December 2018). And then I proceeded to leave most recent entry section blank...

So I have a couple of questions... Is it likely that my application will be returned because of this mistake? Soon it will be 6 months since they received my application, this would be devastating.

Should I send a new owp form through webform or should I clarify just the sections where I made a mistake? Normally I guess the best option is just send the new form but as I'm going into implied status they would consider this a new application? Meaning I'm not allowed to apply for OWP since I'll be on implied status? Can I upload the form with all the original info and just mend my mistakes? (By doing this I cant validate the form because of conflicts with certain dates)

I dont know what to do, should i just wait and hope for the best?

if anyone had similar experiences it'd help a lot, thanks