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**MISSISSAUGA PROCESSING** - Outland Spousal Applicants

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by mcroze, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Starting a thread for the many of us who have been notified our applications will be fully processed at CPC-Mississauga to post updates and ask questions.
  2. Anyone else who is getting processed in Mississauga have this situation? My GCKey under the Review of Medical Results has switched to "We are reviewing your medical results." instead of the previous sentence about if you require a medial exam instructions will be sent. However, a medical exam hasn't even been requested yet. I'm hoping it's an indication that the medical request will be made soon.... and that ECAS will be updated to In Process! o_O
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  3. I had issues with my GCKey updating information. I called CIC to get updated information during the time I was waiting for a medical request, and was told they had in fact already e-mailed it to me...it was not there in junk or anything. I mentioned that and they had my e-mail correct. The CIC person re e-mailed it to me while I was on the phone. I had the medical, and my doctor sent it via e-medical...online for me. I then inquired about whether they received it and they had. So now I check as much as possible online and by phone....they delayed my medical by a week since I hadn't actually received the request. Luckily I called and got it done asap. I'm hoping to hear a response of DM sometime this month. I would call if you can get through just to be safe! After I did everything and verified they received everything my status online changed to We are reviewing your medical results.
  4. https://emploisfp-psjobs.cfp-psc.gc.ca/psrs-srfp/applicant/page2440?locationsFilter=&officialLanguage=&title=&tab=1&search=Search jobs&selectionProcessNumber=&departments=66&log=false

    CIC is looking to hire people for these positions at CIC-Mississauga: Case Processing Agent/ Support Officer, Administrative agents and other Clerical Positions, General Support Clerk/ Various Clerical Positions. So hopefully that means that the processing of our applications will move a bit faster. We are already so far behind other VOs.
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  5. Just logged into my GCKey and yes I am in the same situation as you. Mine also says "We are reviewing the results of your medical exam" when I have not even received a medical request.
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  6. We got this email yesterday too. I actually just got the medical request about an hour ago, so you should check your messages if you got it too. In the old thread we talked about the mississauga message a few days ago, someone else said they got the medical as well.
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  7. mcroze and I both got the "we will process your application in Mississauga" email on Tuesday and, at least as of now, we both haven't gotten any medical request. You're lucky you got your med request one day after your email. Hopefully soon.
  8. I'm pretty sure you will.. I mean that's just super weird that they change the status message on GCkey but dont send you the email yet. But then - I haven't checked my GCkey yesterday - so maybe my status on there changed already before they sent the email.. fingers crossed that you get it within the next few hours or days!!
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  9. @mcroze

    LITERALLY, just got the email right now. :)
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  10. YAY awesome!!
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  11. I got it the same time as you. Nice to see some progress!!
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  12. Just got medical request too....However, we didn't receive an email stating our app will be worked in Mississauga...but it has been there since March.
  13. posted in the July 2017 thread but thought I would post an update here as well since we are being processed in Mississauga...

    Recieved Medical request today! Very happy but wish it wasn't long weekend so we could get it done! Good luck everyone... hopefully things will be processed in a timely manner now that Mississauga is helping out.... fingers crossed for us all

    My timeline so far...
    App sent: 07/06/2017
    App received: 07/07/2017
    AOR1: 08/11/2017
    Linked: 08/12/2017
    ScheduleA Req: 08/12/2017
    PCC Req: 08/12/2017
    SA: 08/17/2017
    VO: 8/29/2017
    AOR2: 8/29/2017
    Med Req: 09/01/2017
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  14. Here is any Pakistani applicant who got informed that his or her application going to be processed at Mississagua completely.?
  15. We got our meds request message today too! (we noticed that on gc key it switched to "we are reviewing the results of your medical etc" yesterday). We were supposed to be Sydney VO but go the Mississauga email on Aug 29

    Our timeline so far:
    App sent: 28/06/2017
    App received: 30/06/2017
    AOR1: 31/07/2017
    Linked: 06/08/2017
    ScheduleA Req: included in original application
    PCC Req: included in original application
    SA: 15/08/2017
    VO: 29/08/2017
    AOR2: 29/08/2017
    Med Req: 02/09/2017

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