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misrepresentation of siblings

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by prem2091, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Hi, I need your help regarding one question. My friend while applying study permit didn't show his real brother in his profile. Now he got the ITA and applying for PR, he doesn't want to hide anything and wants to show is full family detail. So, is there any possibility that his PR would be rejected on the basis of misrepresentation during his study permit? Kindly help.
  2. Good idea to not hide it. That is misrepresentation and could haunt him forever. Hard to say if IRCC will do anything about his previous omission, but I doubt it.
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    Do not misrepresent, lie, ect ect. Read the forms carefully and answer honestly. Otherwise there's always the risk of it haunting you later in life.

    Recently, IRB squashed a woman's appeal to an exclusion. She didn't mention her sister in a spousal sponsorship application, namely part of her PR app. The sister who she didn't mention, made a refugee claim. Some 3rd party tipped IRCC about the misrepresentation. End result deportation.

    You can read the decision here:

    Lesson is, don't lie and double check you're telling the truth.
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  4. Not encouraging anyone to lie about family members. The case posted is way more complex. The woman likely committed immigration fraud during her first marriage. Not sure how she was able to retain PR after only living with her husband for 3 months although it seems she may have stayed another year and not admitted it. Assume she will ask for a judicial review and will then have another Canadian child. I hope the verdict sticks because the extent of her lying is ridiculous and she has been able to sponsor a 2nd husband pretty soon after she got divorced from the 1st one and will have 2 Canadian children. Not sure how she got approved for the 2nd marriage.
  5. Me and my parents aren't in good terms with my sister due to difference in opinions and lifestyle. As a result there was no relation, no contact, no connection nothing between us and her. Previous applications with IRCC (study, work permit) I did not mention about her thinking no existence of her in our lives. Speaking with experts and group of people for my PR application I got to know that I have to mention her regardless, which I did in my PR application along with a letter of explanation. I submitted my application yesterday and the thought of misrepresentation is killing me.

    What will happen?
  6. ok CIC does not care about your relationships. Listing your siblings even if they have criminal records or would be inadmissible in Canada will have no negative impact.
    Your problem is that you already did commit a misrepresentation and now you want to correct it.
    Of course you cannot commit another one just to keep the situation seems to be the same and you shall declare her and explain it. Because not doing it can cost you PR even citizenship in the future.

    In this specific case I would suggest to check the lawyer how to deal with this situation. It is really hard to tell how immigration will react.
    Good luck there.

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