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Minor travelling with mother

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by aileen2272, May 6, 2014.

  1. Saw this on cic.ga.ca "Minors travelling with only one parent or legal guardian should have a letter of authorization, preferably in English or French, from the non accompanying parent or guardian.

    im a single mom...Ill be bringing my son (minor) to visit my brother and his family. My mom and dad will be with us. my question is i dont know where is his dad and i dont have any contact with him anymore..in short no communication. what should i do?
  2. From http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/ghana/visas/trav-can_18_voy-can.aspx
    If a minor child is travelling with one parent only:

    The child should have a copy of his/her birth certificate as well as a letter of authorization, preferably in English or French, signed by the parent who is not travelling with him. The letter of authorization should give the address and telephone number of the non-accompanying parent. A photocopy of the passport or national identity card of the non-accompanying parent, with the bearer’s signature, should be attached.

    In addition:
    •If the parents are separated or divorced, and they share custody of the child, the parent travelling with the child should carry copies of the legal custody documents. It is also recommended that they have a letter of authorization from the other custodial parent to take the child on a trip out of the country.
    •If the parents are separated or divorced and one of them has sole custody of the child, the letter of authorization may be signed by that parent only and a copy of the custody decree presented.
    •If one of the child’s parents is deceased, a copy of the death certificate should be presented.

    Basically if you still share custody then you will have to get in touch with him. No way around it.
  3. I believe the OP said she hasn't been in contact with the father, so according to what you quote above, she needs to write a letter herself, and bring proof of her having sole custody of her child.
  4. She does not need a letter but a proof of her sole custody : Court decision or a birth certificate without father's name.
  5. Yup that's what I said, if "they still share custody". Not being in communication does not grant custody to one parent by itself, neother being divorced, separated, etc. If the custody is not shared, then the document that proves it and a letter should be enough.

    The only way to have full custody of a child is basically what Regina said, a court decision or a birth certificate without the father name.
  6. does it means i have to file in court the sole custody of my son? even if we (his dad) dont have any communication anymore? my son is with me for a long time already....been separated for his dad 8 yrs ago
  7. Yes. You have to have a proper paper that grants you a sole custody. You see child's parents separation is nothing to do with child's parents custody. If it is not granted solely to you then his father still has his custody of the child even if father does not exercise his rights right now.
  8. I think it would be easier to get in touch with him and ask for a letter of consentment for a trip abroad.

    The letter has just to say he agrees of the child travelling abroad with you. You can even write it in a way that he agrees for this and further trips (so you don't have to be asking him constantly for a letter each time you both travel).

    No need to go to court.
  9. Clever thought! Of course, it should be the first thing to come to mind. Silly us ???. Attaboy, Jalex23. :)

    However, THIS is impossible. Border agencies in any country requests a letter with preceise dates of kid's travel. So, for each travel you have to have a recent letter.
  10. thanks for all the reply ..but like i said i dont know where he is ...no contact since 2006...he is not longer working in the last company i know
  11. Then go to the court (to a lawyer first, I suppose) and get a sole custody legally (on paper).
  12. Hello,
    I am single parent with a daughter who is 13 yrs old. I have been divorced for almost 12 yrs.
    I have a court order that states that the ex-husband has no objection for the child to be with the mother.
    There is no shared custody, visitation rights or maintenance involved.

    Is this court order sufficient for me to apply PR for my daughter?

    Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi

    1. Yes it is.
  14. Hello

    I have a 12-year-old daughter. I would like to get a visitor visa for her. I have a valid visitor visa for myself, so I just want to apply for my daughter. I have a few questions:

    - Should I fill the representative form as I will do her request?
    - For her "Proof of Means of Financial Support (required)" what can I do? since in her profile, there are 2 items:
    - Proof of Financial Resource of Supporter (required)
    - Proof of Means of Financial Support (required)
    - For the part "Purpose of Travel - Other (required)", I should write on her behalf or I can write from her own?
    - As her father don't travel with us, should I add "consent letter" when I do her application? or I should use it when we are entering Canada?

    Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi..

    Since she is a minor, you have to do her forms as well. As for the sponsor, you can show proof of funds or the details of the sponsor who sponsored for you.

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