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Minimum IELTS Score Required ?

Discussion in 'Education' started by jaswanthca, May 6, 2013.

  1. Hi..,

    I am planning to take IELTS for studying in Canada, What is the minimum band required to get Admission in Canada ?
    And which place is better ? My friends suggesting Torento ? please give your valuable suggestions.

    Thank you.
  2. 6.0 bands are minimum required in IELTS to get admission in Canada.......
  3. yes 6.0 is the minimum score which u need for ielts, and if ur fluent with english thats not a hard one to get.

    and yes most of the people suggest toronto, because it is the most happening, culturally and economically stong with lots of partimes(may be)
    but u should also have a look at other places such as saskatchewan which has 2-3 univs U of Saskatchewan is a really good one..
    the province is economically running forward with its uranium and other export creating employment. U have better PR(Perminent Residence)
    options here i think which u can get easily when compared to others, if u r looking for it.

    British columbia is also a good option.
  4. Thanks a lottttt Venkat & EliJustin,

    Appreciate your help :) God Bless You guys, and venkat yes am planning for PR as well, actually i already have 3 year of good IT experience after my education i wanna get into software field and finally PR.

    And venkat bro, seems you are currently in Canada only, may i know you went from ? actually i am from Andhra Pradesh, india.
  5. We have to get 6.0 in each module or overall 6.0 is good ?, of course i am trying hard to get even more.
    Friends can you please conform.
  6. Hiii Jaswanthca, I did my research all through the web and an uncle of mine who stays in Toronto, I applied recently and i got admission into Windsor for ece.
    and also I have taken ielts twice,
    First time i got 6.5(overall which is sufficient) but in writing i got 5.5 so in this AUCC web site where u have all the info http://www.aucc.ca/

    where some univs tell u need to have 6 above in each band,
    so i took 2nd time and got 7.5(overall) and 6 above it is a good score, just get above 6 in each band if u want an admission, hahaha no bargaining, and its easy to get that. :) all the best buddy.
  7. I am From Hyderabad, and I applied through IMPEL Begumpet-Consultancy.
  8. Hi Venkat,

    Really thanks a lottttt for the information, very much helpful for me.
    You cleared most of my doubts, but i want few questions regarding finance and alll, can you share your email id, so that i can communicate with you.

    Thanks for your help, my best regards Always...
  9. Hi brother,
    thanks for the mail id, i will send you the mail.

    Best Regards
  10. I have not know about this.
  11. i got 5.5 overall band in academic so i am eligible for canada ? please tall me fast . [thank you]

  12. No - too low.

    If you want to attend college, you need to score a minimum of 5.5 in each of the four categories. If you want to attend university, you need a minimum of 6 in each of the four categories.
  13. Most universities ask for 6 score in all four categories so aim for that.
  14. if you aim for high, then only you can touch the sky.
    instead of motivating him to try hard, you are telling to aim for 6.
    anyone can get7 easily.
  15. Interesting

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