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Medicals heart murmur and eye sight


Dec 12, 2019
Hi Seniors,

Kindly help with my questions, I am so confused, I went for my medicals yesterday, I have an occlusion in my right eye (tunnel vision, this happened to me suddenly while i was at work 2018, optometrist says there is no treatment and since i have been fine. P.S MY LEFT EYE WORKS PERFECTLY). so i can't see out of it properly, the nurse ask me to read with it but i couldn't see the letters, i didn't see shit so she said right eye vision is terrible but didn't make any further assessment or suggestion.

After the doctor heard my heart rate with stethoscope he said he hears a murmur in my heart and it is like 2/6 that it is nothing but he needs to put it into the result.

please can my application be rejected based on this findings?


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Aug 12, 2014
Alberta, Canada
Personal opinion: doesn't sound to be anything serious, serious enough to reject you. Ask yourself this question, do these conditions of yours cause financial burden to the Canadian Healthcare system? From what you said, you are not even going through any treatment! So. :) Relax and wait. Actually, even if it were serious, there would be nothing you can do to influence the result at this point.
Best wishes to your application, dear! :)


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Jun 18, 2017
You may need to do some more cardiac testing to make sure the murmur doesn’t require further treatment. The eyesight is unlikely to be an issue unless the loss of vision is related to a disease that could lead to issues with the other eye. Depending on your sight issues you may not be able to qualify for a driver’s license.