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"Medical Results have been recived" and after how many days you got ppr guys??

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sinpguy, Oct 10, 2011.

  1. Hi Mahesari,

    Mine timelines is same as yours .plz update me if you get any response from buffalo
  2. Congrats Biggy!
    Give it a good 2 weeks to recieve your PPR after e-CAS cghanged to "mediclas have been recieved"....This is our second week and the mail might be on its way !
    Like biggy mentiones, he just got to know via an email inquiry.... our mediclas might be out with biggy too...if not then we all are close to his timeline....
    Lets not loose any hope....
    Again congrats biggy.
  3. ya sure Rammi.

    when they started processing on application.

  4. it stated on october 13, 2011
  5. Mine was Started on Oct 5.
  6. Hello,
    My timeline as following, any comments are welcomed.

    application received June 8, 2011
    begin processing July 27, 2011
    Medical request July 27, 2011
    medical done Aug 10, 2011
    E-case shows ( Medical results have been received) Sept. 23 ,2011

    waiting for passport request , but that takes long time! how long should i wait ? I send them email and fax to change address but they do not answer ......
  7. normally, they don't confirm when they receive it. Just be patient. Your application is fast!!!
  8. Yes, but the e-case just stable shows the old address !!
  9. mine is the same with you. When I send email. They just confirmed they receive email but not confirmed making change. maybe I inquiry them again.
  10. I just want to give out some information regarding my application that was received by Buffalo on 10/18/2010.

    I requested a change of address via fax 3 months ago and it was changed on e-cas after 2 weeks. Last month, my address disappeard and it came back as my old address. 2 weeks ago, I sent an email to Buffalo regarding that and inquire on my application too, they did not respond.

    Monday 10/10/11, my ecas changed to medical received. On Wed. 10/12/11 I sent another email regarding my address change and inquiring on my application. Thursday, 10/13/11, I received an email from buffalo that my file was sent to detroit and at the same time, my address has been corrected to current address.

    So, I think they transferred my file to detroit because i sent them an email.

    I think, if it has been a year for your application, sent email to buffalo.

    Does anybody know about Detroit proccessing?

    Good Luck.

  11. Everytime they send the files to detroit or LA, its always a good sign. You will probably get some response soon...probably a month I gues...
  12. Hi all,

    I have similar time line too:

    Nov. 4 Application Received.
    Oct. 11 Medical Results have been received.

    And till now didn't get any info from buffalo. Just wanna ask if I am to send a case specific inquiry, do I need to use the same email address as the one that's submitted to their system or I can use mine? Because I have a representative so along with my application the email submitted to buffalo is my representative's.

  13. Since you have representative, let the representative deals with them is better. Your application processing timeline is similar to me. I still keep waiting until now with no further notice. Keep finger cross!!!
  14. Thanks for reply tanoshi.

    I am just a bit nervous cos some people get PPR by email and some get it by regular mail. And according to a lot of information online, after medical received usually within 1 months PPR will appear. And the final waiting is just killing me :)

    Let's hope for the best of everyone.
  15. :( snail mail?

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