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medical problem

Discussion in 'Caregiver Pathways' started by Nina79, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. hello seniors,
    i would like to seek your advice please help me so i can have an idea what to do i have a problem: my employer got a positive lmia just last week and this january i fell sick and found out it was PTB now im already in 2 months treatment and later i had my 2nd x ray from another physician but this time he was a pulmonary specialist.. it says on my xray "minimal clearing in PTB". the doctor told me to continue with the medicine and so far im okay i don't have cough. im worried i cant have a working permit.
    someone in here experienced
  2. Hi,where are you from?
  3. You'll have to advise your employer that you will not be able to come to Canada for at least 6 months between treatment and repeat sputum culture. Probably longer when you factor in getting your permit.
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  4. Manila philippines.
  5. thats what im planning to do but others tell me to pass my application i still have enough time to recuperate.
  6. Hi Nina,
    You have a case like my niece and she’s now in Canada too.if you want to connect with her so she can share with you her experiences prior in coming here?she had her medical at St Lukes Manila.what is your email add?
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  7. thank goodness, you gave me hope.. here: nhin_chard79@yahoo.com. i just got my LMIA and contract from my employer i just don't know if im going to pass my application now or later when i will be cleared in PTB as i dont know if my employer would still want to wait for me.
  8. TB patients can make it to Canada once they have no longer have TB. You will likely need to find a new employer due to the delay. This is not an uncommon situation.

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