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Medical Insurance Options for Father Who is on Dialysis

Discussion in 'Health' started by read4u, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys

    I am planning to apply for super visa for my father and mother. My dad is on hemodialysis and I am looking for a insurance cover that would cover this while he is in Canada. I don't mind if the premium is on the higher side.

    Both my parents are diabetics and have had past cardiac issues. But both are stable and active.

    Would appreciate if anyone could advice the best insurance plan I could take for both of them.

    Thank you very much in advance.
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  2. Unfortunately your father is unlikely to pass the medical. You will also not find an insurance plan to cover his dialysis.
  3. Private insurance won't cover the hemodialysis unfortunately. You can certainly find insurance that will cover your father for emergencies - but the dialysis won't be covered since it's expensive and a pre-existing condition and it makes no sense for an insurance company to cover something they know is going to cost them a great deal of money. When he's in Canada, you'll have to pay for the costs of this treatment yourselves. You should sort out how you are going to do this since the costs are quite high. Also, you'll want to inquire if the treatment centres near you accept visitors.
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  4. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/transplant-waiting-lists-and-dialysis-costs-grow-as-kidney-supply-lags-behind/article569465/

    2011 costs - "Dialysis treatment is about $60,000 per person annually and requires patients to be hooked up to a machine three times a week for four hours at a time."

    Therefore, any annual premium would need to cover the cost and any other contingency. So, you would need to be paying at least 80,000 a year in premiums for just this pre-existing condition. That's why it's completely non-viable.
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    Also your father is unlikely to pass the medical for PR, supervisa and TRV if medical required.
  6. Hi All

    Thank you for your inputs on the issue. It really sad and unfortunate that my dad will not be able to get a visa or medical insurance to cover his disease in Canada.

    So my parents won't be able to visit us here and we would need to visit them. That is something I can live with. Maybe in the near future the govt might introduce something for such patients also and he might be able to come.

    Also, Kidney disease is something becoming quite common and many people across the world are suffering from it. At some point, the insurance companies would have to cover this as any other common disease.
  7. They'll cover it IF you take out the insurance before it's diagnosed because that's part of the risk they carry. However, once it's a known condition, it's not something that they would accept the risk for. Maybe you misunderstand the basic concept of "insurance".
  8. Your father can try applying for the super visa and there's some chance he may be approved. Or he could try for a regular TRV. I would personally apply for the regular TRV. However his dialysis won't be covered by insurance and you'll have to pay for this treatment out of pocket while he is in Canada.

    Dialysis is no different than any other disease. Insurance companies don't cover treatment for pre-existing conditions. Insurance companies are in the business of making money so it would make no sense for them to cover something that they know is going to cost them way more than you pay in premiums. This isn't going to change.
  9. There is nothing that the Canadian government can introduce. The costs of his treatment are simply too high to risk.

    No, the insurance companies don't have to cover it. As already explained, it is far to expensive of a condition to cover. It is a losing situation for them.
  10. Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a form of dialysis that can be done at home. It requires a minor surgery where they put a bag in your belly and then you fill it with a fluid. All you gotta do is change the fluid after 6 hours 2-3 times a day. You can do it under little or no supervision. The fluid that is used to perform the exchange is not that expensive either. I wonder if this can work for someone who requires dialysis and can visit a loved one in Canada regardless of worrying about pre-existing dialysis condition and the costs. Anyone has experience of something like this?
  11. I recommend you apply TRV first rather than super visa and bring him for few weeks just to take him to some popular tourist spots like Niagara falls. If you apply super visa and then TRV, then you might lose the opportunity to get TRV too as CIC might be familiar with his condition and warrant medical for TRV too.

    The costs you find online for treatments might look prohibitive, but if you pay cash and go through without insurance, it may not cost as much mentioned online. One good idea would be check out with a nearby clinic that dialysis and find out what it would cost per sitting. This would help you plan your finances accordingly.

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