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Medical After Refusal

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by mrrawal98, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. My student visa application was refused on Dec 03, 2018 by Canadian High Commission, New Delhi and out of blue, on Jan 10, 2019 I received an email from Canadian High Commission, New Delhi regarding my medical instructions. So as instructed I completed my medical examinations on Jan 13, 2019 and passed it, as the data shows in my account in cic.gc.ca
    But since then I haven't heard anything from Canadian High Commission yet regarding my visa application.
    I even tried reaching out to Canadian High Commission, New Delhi via email on Feb 11, 2019 and submitted a Web Form on Mar 11, 2019 and another Web Form on Mar 26,2019 but got no response at all.

    Can anybody help me with what I can do at this position?
  2. I've seen this happen a few times here, and as far as I can tell, you're still refused if the status still says refused. It's unfortunate that the medical request - which seems to be automated - was sent to you as it gives false hope.
  3. I would've called it a false hope but then the status of my application is like: "Application is still in process, we'll send you an email if there's any update" and "Medical passed".
  4. Then where does it say it was refused?
  5. Since it was a paper application, I received the refusal letter via email, and after I got the medical request, I linked it to GCkey (online). And since then status has been the same: "Application still in process" "Medical passed" "No background check required" "No additional documents required".
  6. Strange. You may wish to call IRCC.
  7. I wanted to but as it appears, being outside Canada, I cannot call IRCC or contact them in any way except emails and webforms, which I've already tried.
  8. Please Help!
    Two months after they sent me refusal letter, IOM called me for the Medical !
    What does it mean?

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