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Marriage Mispresentation, family sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by iAnanth, Aug 5, 2018.

  1. As PR I have applied for family sponsorship three times (2006,2007,2013) and it was rejected stating spouse was excluded as member of family class to section 117(9)(d). Since Its been 11 years since i first sponsored as PR, and will be first time as Canadian citizen i will be sponsoring, will it be helpful and they will grant my spousal sponsorship?

    Thanks .....
  2. No, there will be no difference. It is not you, who can not be a sponsor. The problem is that it is the person you are trying to sponsor is not considered to be your family member. Were you married when you became a PR and did not declare your spouse?
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  3. When i applied i was single, but got married three months before I landed.
  4. Same thing happened to us. 117 (9) is a challenge, very hard to over come. Have you tried applying under H&C?. They recently accepted our H&c request.
  5. It doesn't matter if you are a Canadian citizen or PR. Your spouse is forever excluded from the Family Class.
  6. I have tried 2 H&C's and they have rejected...but did you have 117(9)(d) and they accepted your request, Congrats. Can you brief me with your case? thanks.
  7. Canuck, can you please see my post and contribute your idea?. Thanks in advance.
  8. I don't think there is anything else I can contribute. H&C rarely overcomes 117(9)(d) and OP has apparently tried already.
  9. And what stopped you from informing CIC about the change in your marrital status?
  10. OP likely immigrated as a dependent child in their parent's PR app. Had they disclosed the marriage, they would have been removed from the PR app.
  11. I was not married when I applied for my own PR and was already living in Canada. I got married to my husband during that time and I had no idea I suppose to inform CIC. Thus, he was excluded as a family member. i didn't anything about this until my sponsorship eligiblity was not approved. We were shocked and saddened by this. Anyway the applications was forwarded to the embassy and was rejected within 4 months.

    That was in 2015. After the birth of our chil, we applied again under H&C and itsi still in process for 26 months now and still not over but recenty GCSM note confirmed that our H&C is approved.
  12. I thought i sponsorship is separate application and i misinterpreted a notice letter.
  13. How were you notified of GCSM note? via mail or email or something online?
  14. By email.
  15. Nice, Congrats n best of luck!

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