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Many months and no DM after pre-arrival


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Apr 5, 2021
Hey everyone,

Happy Canada Day! :)

I have a spousal outland application that is a few days away from reaching 12 months in process. By the end of the first 5 months it reached pre-arrival then it got transferred to Ottawa and the last 7 months have been complete silence. GCMS notes show movement in the application, but nothing that I can see there says they have any concerns about the relationship. The only note that could be something is that there's a note about IRCC needing an officer with local expertise and on the first page of the GCMS notes it says application assignment xxxxx assigned yyyyyy a month after the local expertise note. After that the MP was contacted (2 months ago), they gave an update that matches the online portal, they said everything was okay, and said be patient.

The answer is probably "nothing", but is there anything that can be done to figure out what's going on or how far things are in terms of the "local expertise" situation? Or maybe a way to get things going.

No TRV application was sent. Basically the PA barely has any ties in their country of residence and barely any chance of showing visitor-like intentions on a TRV application. PA was a refugee and has acquired new citizenship a few months after the sponsorship application was sent. IRCC is aware of that change in citizenship and they gave pre-arrival a couple of months after it too. I guess this is the most complicated part of the application, but how much a factor could this be?