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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by chams_ARL, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. Lets start for Manila Visa office timeline. .Please post you timelines and any updates here. Wala kasi ako mahanap na MVO-PNP to have some insights sana about the Local Visa Processing.
    Lets spread the Pinoy Love mga kababayan!! Lets help each other. Hoping for the best para po sa lahat. Thank you.
  2. hello guys. Anyone whose file already transferred to MVO? Please share your timeline.
  3. Got FT and MR today. AOR March 15, 2017. To God be the glory. Thanks God.
  4. Anong category ka sis?May Job offer ka ba?
  5. Here's my Timeline:

    January 16 - App received @CIC
    March 15 - Started Processing @ECAS
    March 27 - Payment of Processing Fee
    April 03 - AOR
    May 05 - Medical Request & RPRF/File tranferred@MVO
    May 09 - Payment of RPRF
    May 11- Medical Done
    May 12 - Medical Submitted
    May 13 - Medical Passed@GCkey
    May 15 - Request for renewal of Passport
    May 29 - Submit biographical page of renewed passport
    PPR???! SOON.
  6. What do you mean anong category po?wala po e.
  7. wait po ahaha ano po ba ang provincial ? prang ndi po ganun ung akin
  8. Ahaha kala ko PNP ka din kasi parang nagbayad ka ng RPRF. Hehe Family sponsorship ka din?
  9. wait po ahahaa ano po ba ung family sponsorship po.. spousal ? ahahha pero db po talaga naman pong nagbabayad ng RPRF lahat :) di ko kasi naipasa ng upfront eh old kit po ako kaya ang gnwa ko po inihabol ko
  10. Ano na status mo chams?
  11. Waiting pa rin. Kayu? Ano timeline mo sis?
  12. Service standard for all paper applications under the Provincial Nominee Program (including from applicants who did not apply via Express Entry)
    Service standard

    IRCC’s goal is to process all paper applications under the Provincial Nominee Program within 11 months. This does not include the time it takes the province to process. In order to process an application, we must have all information and supporting documents.

    This service standard was implemented in September 2011 and revised in March 2015 to include applications from “base” nominees who did not apply via Express Entry.

    Performance target
    IRCC aims to meet the service standard 80 percent of the time.

    Performance results
    From April 2016 to March 2017, the service standard of 11 months was met 20 percent of the time. 80 percent of applications were processed in 16 months or less. Processing times increased as older cases in the inventory were being finalized. Newer cases are expected to be finalized in 2018.
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