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Loyalist college sep 2019 offer letter

Discussion in 'Education' started by Thushara18, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Did any one get offer letter from loyalist college for sep 2019 in take?
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  2. nope waiting waiting
  3. When did You apply?? And for which course??
  4. two weeks ago and i applied for gbm
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  5. I got offer letter yesterday night for GBM
  6. good. n when u applied ????
  7. applied on 14th March. Check the spam box. Did you apply through any agents?
  8. yes i applied through an agent
  9. Which agent did you apply with?
  10. western overseas chandigarh
  11. Got offer letter from loyalist for September 2019
    Supply chain management.
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  12. Is there anyone who know about the job opportunity of supply chain management and GBm
  13. Do loyalist still accept application for sepSeptem 2019?
  14. I applied to loyalist collage yesterday (3 rd may) how much time should I wait for LOA?

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