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Lost COPR after landing, what problems will it cause?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by redsocks, Sep 10, 2019.

  1. I did the soft landing after getting PR last year and came back to my home country. When I was in Canada for a short duration, I got my SIN number and PR card.

    Now I am finally moving Toronto next week but I can't seem to find my COPR document. What services will I be denied because of this? I am really worried about 2 things - opening a bank account and getting OHIP. Is COPR required for these 2 things? What optiona do I have?

    I am really panicking at the moment.
  2. Not at all a good idea to lose your stamped copy CoPR. BUT, you have your OR card and that will be fine for OHIP etc.

    My wife hasmt shown her CoPR since getting her SIN the day after we landed. I think she will need it when it comes to the citizenship application (but not certain on this point).
  3. Bad idea, you need copr for citizenship and beyond. While you are good for reentry due to pr card, start with the process here to report your immigration document stolen
  4. COPR is not required for these two things, but it is a important document for when you get citizenship, and possibly also in the future when you retire.

    If it's lost, it's lost. Don't panic, and get a new verification of status document now and keep it safe.


    Don't wait till someone asks you for the COPR. Get the VOS document right now so you have it and you don't have to worry about it in the future .
  5. Thanks for replying. So you mean the VOS is as good as the COPR? I will apply for it right away.
  6. Yes, it has all the same information and will be given the same legal weight as the COPR.

    You can apply after you come to Canada next week. It's not that urgent.
  7. I know. I am usually very careful with the documents but this time was probably bad Luck. I will do the needful right away
  8. X
    Cool. That's such a relief
  9. You might need COPR for other things later on for other things. If you still cannot find it, get a "verification of status" from Immigration Canada.
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