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Looking for apartment in Mississauga

Discussion in 'Housing' started by audrey888, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. We're a small family with a child. I'm looking for one or two room basement or main floor apartment in Mississauga. We're moving to ON from Calgary on January next year.
  2. Hi audrey888 I'm a realtor I can help you with that my service is free of charge to you or you can go on kijiji and viewit.ca.

  3. Hello,

    We are offering the short term or long term accommodation to the all newly landed immigrants in GTA. (We do not need a job letter, reference and credit check)

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    Please visit out website or check the link below for short term fully furnished accommodation as per your family size & budget we have bedroom starting from $ 30 per nigh or $ 210 per week and above.

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    Best Regards,

  4. Your apartment is close to hotel Saravana Bhavan?
  5. Replied some where else
  6. how much does an apartment costs in mississauga on an average ???
  7. Basement apartments.
    1 bedroom $900
    2 Bedrooms $1200
    Condo apartments.
    1 bedroom $ 1400
    2 Bedrooms $1800

  8. hello i am landing in april...i need guidance....we have planed our landing in torotnto mississagua....can family of 5 (2 adults..3 children of ages 8-7-4) for short term stay (say for 2-6 months) live in one bedroom apartment...(as im trying to avoid any possible cost before job capturing). ALso one more thing i want to know..is there any limit to sign lease for 1 year only....can we have 4-5 months lease also....as we dont know when i get job and have to move from that apartment...

    thank you...reply would be highly appreciated... Smiley
  9. It's technically illegally for a family that size to stay in an apartment that small. You may have trouble finding people willing to rent to you. You can sometimes find sub-leases that are for just a few months. But again, the number of people is going to be a problem for a 1 bedroom.
  10. Hi jboyrush scylla IS 100% right you need 2 bedrooms minimum.
  11. How is the rent in Mississauga for 2 BHK?
  12. Condo apartment average $1700.
    Basement apartment average $1100.
  13. Hi,

    With a total of 5 occupants, you will most likely need a 2+ br apartment. There are options for short term (I understand what you are saying... your job location is not final yet) but it's not common. Most common is 1 year lease. I can try to help you find any other options that may be available. Please contact me via email at anujoshirealty@gmail.com or phone me so we can chat further.

  14. thnk u very much fr ur reply nd real picture..i also had doubt on number of bedrooms fr family of 5...now its clear to me...thnks again..

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