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looking for accommodation in Hamilton

Discussion in 'Housing' started by PARTH1051, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Hey everybody, I am looking for a room/ apartment in which I can stay which has kitchen heater and ac included in rent. I am going to study in Mohawk international which is near fennel west in Hamilton.

    So , If any one has it then please contact me via this forum.
  2. This is not really a great place to find accommodations. In your posting I would include your budget.
  3. Okay but still the budget is 350$
  4. That is a very low budget. Think your only option may be to share a room with someone in a home/apartment with multiple rooms and roommates or maybe rent a room from someone in their home or apartment for rent plus work around the property like yard work, shovelling, cleaning, etc.
  5. I have a room which costs me 350$ including all the utilities except laundary but the only problem is it is not hygienic here
  6. That proves my point. $350 is a low budget especially for all utilities including AC. Finding a good place will be tough. Landlords also want to minimize the amount of tenants so don’t usually want students to share rooms if they are not couples unless they are running an illegal boarding house and are cramming as many tenants as possible into a property.

    Would look at kijiji and post your own notice on kijiji. Perhaps there is a housing office at your school. The vacancy rate is very low in ha,ilton because many people moved to Hamilton when Toronto became unaffordable. If you are in a property and have signed a lease you need to look t whether there are any terms about how much notice you must give before leaving. traditionally it is 2 months if you lease is at the end or you must pay the existing length of your lease.

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