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Looking for a one bedroom apartment/condo for rent in Halifax or nearby

Discussion in 'Housing' started by Kushal_75, May 19, 2017.

  1. Hello,
    I shall be landing in Halifax, NS by end of June this year. If anyone has or knows someone near Halifax renting a one bedroom apartment/condo with the main amenities like fridge, oven, washer/dryer, bed and furniture, etc at a reasonable price, please kindly let me know. First 2 months without any contract and if we find it ok then we can sign for 1 year.


  2. Hi Kushal,
    I am also going to Halifax after mid of this June and looking for a room.
  3. Hi Cozymozy,

    I have landed in Halifax on 19 June 2017. I am living with a host for 2 weeks in a shared condo. Will have to look for an apartment/condo etc by this week now. Rent quite expensive in Halifax - around $800-1000, for one bedroom with heat/water/5 appliances for kitchen. what about you?


  4. How about they rent a place together and share the expenses?
  5. It's like Airbnb, but here you don't pay the full amount in advance. You pay only 15% advance.
  6. Hi,

    Ok will try homestay.
    Difficult to find an apartmnt in halifax for a couple and which is dog friendly.
    Need to find one urgently as need to move on 30 june.

  7. Worst scenario, stay at a dog friendly hotel for some time until you find a more permanent place.
  8. Hi Kaushal,

    I had some personal problem so, I had to postponed my flight. I am still in India. I am coming next month.
    Yes, I found that rooms are expensive there around $800 to $1000. Try to find 2 two rooms apartments if you can get. I had checked online there are few 2 rooms apartments with rent around $ 900 to $1000 with shared kitchen and lobby area. I can share one room after getting there with you. It will cost around $ 500 each, will save money.
    PM your Mobile No. or any other contact option. Good Luck!

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