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LONDON Visa Office Applicants....Lets connect here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Kitua85, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. CSE is case specific enquiry.. not sure how authentic is their reply.. is there anyone here, who passed eligibility but crim n sec not started?

  2. BGC changed from false IP2 to IP1 .What dis??
  3. Hi Ya All,

    Does anyone of you here received an email regarding an interview with CIC while application is still on process? What does this means if they will require an interview?

    I need your thoughts and ideas please.
  4. My aunt received interview call from cic. they had doubts about her work experience as a physiotherapist.
  5. where is she practicing ? which country ?
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  7. I did, interview was held in abu dhabi in feb 2019. It was regarding work experience/eligibility.
  8. What happen after that? Did you receive your PPR? When will be there next schedule?
  9. My application is still under process. I am not sure about their next schedule it might be next year..
  10. Waiting on CoPR from London for exactly two weeks now. I sent all of my papers by post as there was no place to upload as requested.

    Logged in today and nothing has changed on the main profile but in the 'submitted documents' page a placeholder has been added this morning (with a deadline of my 30 days CoPR deadline). Also, the information on fees paid is no longer there.

    Looks like my CoPR may finally be being processed!
  11. ...and now it has changed back to what it was before!! WTH!!? :(
  12. 17 days since LVO received my CoPR photos and documents. No word yet.

    I log in a couple of times per day to check for an update, today is the second time where I've logged in and a placeholder for my document has magically appeared. No idea what's going on and starting to get stressed out. Thought the tough times were over once I got PPR :(
  13. Don't worry Bro, it will end soon, at least your application is approved and it's just the matter of days until you receive COPR...
    For me eligibility criminality passed since last May and BG checks are being processed since then without any update...
  14. don't worry, we all sail through...
    You too don't worry bro...there are still so many with eligibility not passed yet and therefore security not initiated...

    Good news is surely on its way...:)
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  15. Hi guys ..
    I hope everyone is doing well ... I need ur help
    I have a question.. My application has been transformed to LVO since first February 2019 .. And i didn't get any update since that .... Last week my husband went to the MP office in his around and here is the update...
    I have to go for interview by October
    My question is how long i have to wait after the interview? By the way application completed one year Augusta 2019

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