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London High Commission Study Permit

Discussion in 'International Students' started by samn09, Jul 20, 2019.

  1. Im from the UK and I have applied for my Study Visa and my partner has applied for an open work permit on May 7th. It's been over 10 weeks since then. The processing time is meant to be 3 weeks and I still haven't got it. I've emailed via the webform with no response. Anybody else been in this position? (i.e stuck in processing background checks, final decision etc). thanks
  2. I’m on same boat. Applied from USA on 30th may. Still no updates.
  3. Hi,
    I have also applied from London visa office online on 7th March 2019. Study permit for myself, open work permit for my spouse and study permits for my two children. I have sent so many web forms. Initially they replied that its processing. But they haven’t replied to my further webforms sent.

    The thing is there is not a single update on the status even the eligibility check hasn’t even started. Its stuck in background check for both me and spouse.

    Hope this helps.
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  4. Hi there, my partner applied for a study visa and I applied for a work visa both from the UK. We sent off our application on the 30th on Jan and then sent our biometrics on the 5th of feb and are still waiting for some kind of update. Absolutely ridiculous.
  5. Hi Nicoleef,
    That’s ridiculously long time. Have you not had any single update on your status?
  6. Including the OWP slows down the process tremendously.
  7. Anyone applied for GCSM notes? Were they useful as I am planning to order them?
  8. Hello. I applied Feb 1st to the London Office and still waiting. I ordered the notes and they made me feel a little better just seeing that my application actually exists, because after this long I was starting to think I was imagining it but other than that it didn't provide me with much of an update. It was 43 pages of not much. I suppose if your case had more notes on it from the visa officer it might be worth ordering them but until you recieve then you won't know. The strange thing is aswell they create the notes the day you order them but you have to wait 30 days to recieve them so when you do it's not an up to date reflection of your file.
    The way they can make us wait this long is awful.
    They have stopped replying to my queries also. Stopped a good few months back.
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  9. Thanks for the response. Looks like have to wait for another few months to get a decision so not a bad idea to order notes may be every month to see if there is any progress. Did they even mention which stage your file is on? Does it look like they are doing a lot of background checks as they have been doing background checks in my case for last 4 months. Its horrendous.
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  10. I will be honest it wasn't that straight forward to understand but I could see it was waiting on a few security checks with US partners. It had a section which said "info sharing- in progress." If you google info sharing apparently Canada and the US have an agreement to pass information on individuals for immigration purposes. It didnt say background check anywhere but said Criminality passed, maybe the same thing?
    My status on my account says eligibilty under review and updates I have had from the web form have said my eligibilty is being reviewed but on my notes it said eligibility review required. The status changed on my account May 22nd so been sat on it for a while. Background check on my account also says being processed.
    Yeah it is worth ordering them cause you could get some insight.
    Waiting this long is really taking the edge off such an exciting thing.
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  11. Absolutely none, we sent off web forms that basically gave us an automated answer that didn’t help us at all.
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  12. Seems such a long time. What is everybody doing about university starting at the start of September? With the OWP, as she is my dependant it should surely go by the study permit processing time
  13. I just deferred my course until January intake.
    Yeah the OWP will just be granted when your study permit is no sooner.
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  14. First not sure if everyone knows that families of international students are not guaranteed permits/visas. With OWP or even study permits they can’t assure that you will hear by the start date of school. They do prioritize processing study permits versus family permits but if you submit both together your application goes as fast as the SOWP. Would always encourage people to apply for study permit first unless you would never consider coming to Canada without each other.
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  15. I have read somewhere that the spouse can apply for open work permit at port of entry. Also kids can have their visitor record at POE, only if you have issued a study permit. Is that true?

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