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LMO processing times as of June 2013

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by stopDA, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. How long are LMOs taking nowadays? I googled LMO processing times and I'm coming up with significantly different answers. I just got a restaurant job in Canada and the employer said that he's waiting on an LMO. Assuming he just sent in the application this week (or possibly not much earlier than today), how long am I looking to wait?
  2. No answers after two days. Isn't there anyone who knows how long this will take. The wait is driving me berserk and I'd really appreciate an answer if anyone knows.
  3. What is the LMO processing time in Alberta?
  4. It differs per province, so saying you have a restaurant job in Canada can have many different answers. Be a little more specific.
  5. What's the current LMO processing time in Saskatchewan?
  6. they refused my visa, beacuase im didnt satisdy the immigration offier that i will come back after completeion my contract, my be immigration officer dont beileve on their government that they will catch me if i over stay, and more thing will happen, specially insurance n all,
    i hope canada will put some experience immigration officer who will know about their country how works.
  7. Profession - Medical Doctor
    Province Alberta.

    Do you know what the processing time is for LMO?
  8. I'm the OP here and I'd prefer that people stick to the original question at hand instead of asking new ones on this thread. Anyway, does anybody know the current LMO processing time for Saskatchewan? It would be the same as the processing time for BC LMOs since all Saskatchewan LMO applications are sent to the HRSDC center in Vancouver. So, if you know the BC processing times, that would also be helpful. British Columbia, Yukon, Saskatchewan and Manitoba all have their LMOs processed by the same place.
  9. OK, I'd still appreciate an answer. I see more and more views but still no answers. Are you sure that it's 4 - 8 weeks at the moment, especially given the new rules and all.
  10. our agent to canada says it may take 3+ 4 months.....as matter of fact nobody knows exact time period.
  11. I am in 10 weeks and counting, my LMO is being process from Toronto. There is no official time lines for LMO processing, particularly now that HRDC is on the spot.
    I would suggest sit back, relax, don't quit your job just yet and wait for at least 4 to 6 weeks before you hear something back.
    Wish you all the best.
    btw what will u do in the restaurant? are you the cook?
  12. @bafakih No, I'm not a cook. I'm going to be a food and beverage server as the restaurant calls it. I just got word (from my employer himself) that LMOs are taking 14 - 16 weeks right now because they're backlogged. Well, I am in for quite a wait, and it seems like you have 4 more weeks to go too (but you're more than halfway there anyway).
  13. hey folks

    I am waiting on BC.
    It is now the 13th week.
    not fun at all
  14. I just got an update that IT applications are kept on hold due to the RBC scandal. Can anyone confirm about getting LMO for IT applications applied in past 2 to 3 months? That will confirm my doubts.

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