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LMO process time

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by fyang1985, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. Hi!
    I'm a new member here..My employer has submitted the LMO application at the office in Vancouver in July 10th,I want to ask, how long would it take for the result?
  2. ELMO is about a month,LMO about 2-3 months.But this varies case to case,What are you?
  3. I am still waiting,have not hear any news.I wish it will be within 3 months.
  4. i think 3 months..
  5. now it has over two months.It likes a long life waiting.I am a Chinese.Is there any other Chinese?
  6. I have many Chinese in line,Taiwanese waiting 2 months,Shanghainese,took 4 months,Hong Kong 3 months
  7. what is your means? I come from GuangZhou.will it take 4 months,not 3 months??
  8. Ive got a job in alberta and i had my interview 2 weeks ago and last week they said that they already made a proposal for my job offer and the director of human resource said that they already pass my LMO and i just need to wait 1 week for that ( 5 working business days), they have an E-LMO so this made the process more faster than before. My be it also depends on the category. Il be working in a branded 4 star hotel as a guest service (receptionist) under skilled worker. I have a BS. Tourism major in Hotel Resort/Restaurant Management degree. Am crossing my finger to get this LMO result this week.

    Am just wondering why other people said that it will take 2 to 3 months, well as i said earlier it might depend on your category. Try to search abot LMO on google and you will be able to have a clue on your status.

    "If employers qualify, they can apply for Labour Market Opinions for the occupations listed above. Their applications will be processed within three (3) to five (5) business days of HRSDC/SC having received them."



    I hope you will have an idea now... Good LUCk for both of us!
  9. Everything varies and the time they give you may just be the average. I know a guy who is already in Canada trying to change a work permit. He was told by Service Canada that his LMO and work permit would only take 7 weeks and he's waiting 13 now. He went there and asked them and the only thing they could tell him is that it's in process and normally should take 7 weeks.
  10. thank you.I still do not receive any information ..now,it is too long ,i will be crazy.now ,I wondering if I should go to Canada,if it amout to wait still.
  11. Hello Fyang 1985.
    There are some delay so it is taking more time. We all have to be patient I guess.
  12. The human ressources have contacted my employer and asked for my last pay stub (which has been faxed to them) about a week and half ago.The application was sent five weeks ago and we are still waiting for an answer. Is any of you in the same situation? And how long is the processing time right now in Toronto? And why is it taking so long?
    Please I need some advices, thank you for your responses.
  13. have overed three months,no any info,
  14. who know if it is normal,please give me some advices.have overed three months
  15. Is your employer in Toronto Ontario?

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