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  1. I have got an LMIA certificate for the job Estate manager in Canada. My LMIA confirmation no.8109085 &System file no 0820172024. Please furnish the information it is real or fake.
  2. We can't tell just by the number alone. the job title does sound similar to fake offers in the past though. Please paste the job offer details (taking out personal information) here, so we can have a look. If this offer offers free flights, free food, free accommodation and has a ridiculously high salary, it's fake. But post details here just to be sure.
  3. It's fake. Estate manager jobs are all scams.
  5. I am sending the first page of the job offer. In second page declaration and signature are there.
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    Job offer is in pdf format. There is no option to upload it.
  7. Upload it to dropbox, drive etc and share the public link to the document.
  8. Your LMIA approval will have contact details like name and phone number of officer issuing same.Contact them directly to verify
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