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Lmia / Work permit

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Inderjeet07, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. I want to know in how many days we can get LMIA because it's been more then 45days and if I get LMIA how can I check that is there any online site or other way? And if I got LMIA how many years of WORK PERMIT I will get?
  2. LMIAs typically take 2-4 months to be approved.

    No - there is no online site where you can check the status of the LMIA.
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    The guy who is doing my work for all the process. He told me when the LMIA will come we can check it online and we will call to the hotel or email them were I will get the job. And he told we will do proper verification from hotel and will go to canada embassy.
  4. If it is a hotel job then is possibly a fake job offer. Hotels in Canada do not issue job offers outside of Canada.

    Provide more details here about the job offer, hotel name/location/website,
    And if you can copy offer here with personal details removed. If they are offering flights, accommodation and food for example for sure a fake offer.
  5. Check this out.
    Visa type work permit(skilled) Housekeeping supervisor Handling team of 10 housekeeper boys. Salary min above 25candian dollar 9 hour job 5 day working in week Food and accommodation provide by company free of cost. 30 days leave every year. In 2yrs return ticket provide by company.
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    For sure a scam given no hotel is going to provide free return flight but out of interest which hotel and nobody refers to housekeepers as boys in Canada

    Do not pay any money or share copies documents. If you already paid it will be gone
  7. Scam.
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    I have paid the money thru cheque and today I asked my agent that tell me in which hotel you are applying he told I cant say you that because if I will tell you. You will contact them. They told before 4days going to embassy they will tell me all the things and then I can contact to hotel and check my LMIA online approval.
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    And you still do not believe it is a scam the fact the ‘agent’ will not even tell which hotel given after the agent has taken your money and you contact the hotel you will probably find there is no job and no flight and no permit. At least all you have said indicates that and why would you even think about a job when you have no idea where it is .

    Hotels simply do not recruit housekeepers from outside Canada , Canada has plenty of housekeepers

    See this warning from the Marriott hotel chain which is common for all hotel chains, whether is your chosen who knows.


    Anyway you seem to have made the decision already .
  10. Okay thank you. If I get anything before going to embassy I will post here and please help me out.
  11. This is a scam. Real job offers never include food or accommodations. They also never include a flight ticket.

    There is also no way to check the LMIA online. If your agent is telling you they can check the status of the LMIA online - they are lying to you.

    Again, this is very obviously a scam. There is no job. They are just after your money.

    Embassies do not handle visa processing. If you go to the embassy - they won't be able to help you.
  12. You won't be going to the embassy. It is a scam. Your money is gone.
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  13. But he told me I will come with you in embassy when my LIMA will come.
  14. Hi

    1. Sure he will, do you believe in Unicorns as well?
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