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Letter Of explanation for tourism purpose

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by pouriafar, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone
    I need somebody to help me with letter of explanation for my tourist visa application . I have already wrote a draft and i am ready to pay if somebody can get this wrote in a proper way and format or help me on how to do it. below is my written draft

    Dear Visa Officer

    My Wife and I would like to travel to Canada as tourists. We are reapplying after our application was rejected and hope in this letter I could clarify your concerns about our trip.

    In UAE, all of the expats need a work visa and UAE government only issues 2-3 years visa which could get renewed by the company. By mistake, In previous application I Mentioned Temporary Visa Instead of Work Visa . I still Have 2 years left from my contract and will continue to renew it in future.

    I would like to emphasis that I own 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai which is worth 1,200,000 AED (413,793 CAD ) which is mortgaged by Commercial Bank of Dubai . My wife and I currently live there and I have attached Title of Apartment Title Deed.

    I also get a salary of 50,000 AED/Month (17241 CAD ) and have attached a salary certificate from my company in the application.

    Also I had 130,000 AED with my father and asked him to pay me as its part of my assets so I could show other assets and money I Own.

    One of the main reason we would like to travel to Canada is to meet my brother in law which is currently a student In British Colombia university and couldn’t attend our engagement and the wedding which was in Iran. This would be great opportunity for us to meet him after over 18month .

    Also I have attached our day to day itinerary for our trip with the approx costs in the next page.

    We would land in Toronto and spend 3 days there and will visit Niagara fall by a tour and after 3 days we would fly to Vancouver and meet my brother in law and will have many activities there with him.

    Travel Itinerary

    15 Jan

    Arrive to Toronto, Check in Hotel and get some Rest

    16 Jan

    Niagara Fall Tour

    17 Jan

    Ripleys Aquarium , Steam Whistle Brewery , City Tour

    18 Jan

    Travel to Vancouver , Meet Brother in Law , Check in Hotel

    19 Jan

    visit Stanely Park and Anthapology Musume dineout vancouver

    20 Jan

    Visit Granvill Island

    21 Jan

    City tour , go to robson street and do some shopping and got to Lookout Vancouver

    22 jan

    Visit Grouse mountain

    23 Jan

    Capitalo Park tour

    24 Jan

    Return to Toronto and relax and so some more shopping

    25 Jan

    Return to Dubai
  2. You have a very detailed itinerary and hope you will be approved in your next attempt.. I recently got TRV and its only 1yr.. I am currently working here in Jeddah KSA and I am from Philippines.

    Goodluck.. I prefer to apply only by online...
  3. Just a quick note that no one here should be offering paid services. If some one does you should not accept it. Your statement is very detailed. You have a very high salary by both UAE and Canadian standards. Your property is valuable too. I think what may have lead to the rejection was saying you are here in a temporary capacity. This may have got them thinking on why you aren't applying from Iran. Apply again (you can use the online feature) and best of luck!
  4. Maybe delete the line about the 130,000 with your dad. It's confusing and not really necessary. Bank statements also help, guessing your balance is good?

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