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Letter from CRA for proof of residency for CTB


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Jun 18, 2017
@canuck78 , this is a excerpt from your previous post which is true in my case. My wife went to the doctor only occasionally and there are large gaps between visits. Will this be a red flag ? Can her bank statements alone cover this part ?
It is always a mixture of various proof that will provide the best evidence. Most don’t go to the doctor frequently enough to prove residency alone but if you have proof that someone went to multiple doctor’s appointment per year that would prove they were in Canada (remote appointment after the height of covid are not that common and in some provinces you can’t bill for them anymore). Bank statements should have more regular transactions but someone else could technically be using your bank card. If you combine both proof that makes proof of residency very strong. If you have both I wouldn’t worry too much.


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Jan 5, 2017
Thank you for all your replies. I sent the documents that include bank documents, statements, letter from landlord etc. I had sent them on Dec-10. Today (Feb-01) we got a reply that they have reviewed and everything is cleared. They did not make any changes and confirmed that we are eligible for these benefits. They told they updated my wife's PR status on the file. I assume that we got this review letter because they did not have her immigration status.

Thank you everyone for your support.