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Left canada with unpaid phone bills

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Kokarof, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. I made a stupid decision while i was in Montreal as refugee and took an iPhone XR from rogers company with monthly plan
    For some circumstances i left Canada forever after three months

    Im now back in my country the bills are about 900$

    Will these bills affect my future life if i applied for other countries visas or decided to open bank accounts in other countries?or maybe apply for express entry in the future ?

    I contacted rogers if i can return the phone for them but they asked me the money and I don’t have money now
  2. You didn’t even return the phone? Not sure why you thought that was acceptable after never paying for it or your contract. Unfortunately your asylum claim will prevent you from being approved to travel to many countries.
  3. I offered them returning the phone but they refused
    Im asking if this 900$ will affect me outside canada this is my question
  4. Unlikely. Canadian customers are going to end up paying for your phone. It does look like you plan on applying for PR in Canada. If you do you’ll have to arrive anticipating that it will effect you and your credit for numerous years.
  5. Ok thank you

    I’ll try to pay it as soon as possible
  6. And return the phone. When you sign up for a 2 year contract you are agreeing to pay your monthly 100ish dollar bill for 24 months which would be $2400. You are already receiving a significant discount. Even if you settle the claim this has affected your credit. Would also mention their is a surplus of dentists in Canada. This article was from a few years ago and has only gotten worse.

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