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Landlord vs Tenants

Discussion in 'Housing' started by pie_vancouver, Dec 12, 2017.

  1. I just want to know your opinion.
    Our existing lease agreement does not have a clause that we cannot add an occupant, example, my mom who is here on super visa, my husband and I are renting a 2 bedroom unit with our toddler, our jerk landlord wanted us out badly since my mom arrived for breach of lease? He said we did not give him a letter that my mom arrived. I read the tenancy act, we don't need to ask for permission unless we are subletting.
    He said he wants us to give him 3 month notice to leave and find a new place. And now he wants to amend the lease agreement and increase the rent, I am thinking that he is so desperate and if he tried to evict us he will not win the case. I also want to tear the new lease agreement if he comes and let us sign it.
  2. You'll have to tell us where you're located. I believe some cities have rules regarding the number of bedrooms vs. people. So depending on where you're located, he may be able get you on that point. Not everything is contained in the lease agreement - some rules are in the city/region bylaws.
  3. North Vancouver. There’s no rules with regards to bedrooms vs people, we are only 4 including 1 toddler, the residential tenancy branch handles all of this in BC, if he wants to evict us he should have given us a notice and now he wants to amend the lease because we all know that he will not win if he try to evict us.
  4. Are you living in a condo building? I know some condo buildings in Vancouver limits the number of occupants living in one suite. You might want to check the relevant bylaws.
  5. No. And there’s no limit in our lease agreement.
  6. As long as your lease doesn't specify that you can't add extra tenants without permission and you never filled out any documents asking you to list the tenants who will live in the apartment you will should be fine and you can see if your landlord takes you to the landlord tenant tribunal. I can understand that if your utilities are included in your rental an extra person adds extra expense for water, gas, etc for the landlord. Not a lawyer so can't guarantee that there is not a law about this plus I haven't seen your lease.
  7. The lease is the standard we have that you can find in rtb website, google rtb lease agreement form BC, that’s it. Landlord can add terms like max number of people, or can add person with an increase, etc but he is not smart he didn’t include this.
  8. So wait and see what he tries to do.
  9. We are thinking that he will give us a new lease agreement to sign with a higher rent amount and we will not sign it, I am also thinking of tearing it in front of him lol and he can’t do anything about it.
  10. No need to start a war with your landlord. I would take the lease and tell him you are not interested in a new lease and would like to continue going month to month as per the law (too lazy to look to see if it is similar to ON and converts to month to month with 60 days notice after the lease period expires). Take the high road and let him know you are aware of the rental laws in BC.
  11. He’s been a jerk to us a lot of times, we are renting for more than 2 years now so the 1 year original lease is now month to month. I am just waiting for the notice of eviction and I think he is scared that he will lose and he will pay us back $100 for the dispute fee to RTB.
  12. Unfortunately what can you do. Try to take the high road and seems like he is determined to try to frustrate/scare you until you agree to move out. If he does a basic Google search he will figure out he has no grounds. It is a game of chicken. Not a fun game for you though! With the low vacancy rate landlords are used to being able to demand all sorts of crazy things.

    Showed an apartment and the potential tenants asked if more than 2 people from a family could view the apartment at a time. Guess that is a crazy rule some people are implementing.
  13. Actually I want us to have a hearing in RTB when he tries to evict us so he can experience embarrassment and how to lose a case against a woman.
  14. Don't think it will get that far. Many tenants would get tired of the landlords games and demands and move out. Luckily you have some understanding of the law and the RTB. Many would be too intimidated to show up or they wouldn't realize they don't need lawyer and they would end up moving.
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    He also told my husband while I was at work that we owe him 100 because my mom arrived in the middle of the month and he will add 200 to the rent, when he already increased the rent last Nov by 4% coz that was the max increase by law and he can only increase once in 12 months so the only resort is to have an amended lease that obviously we will not sign, what a jerk. Lol
    And also we will leave on our terms and not on his terms.

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