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Landing with pets (at YVR)?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by TealTokki, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. I am going to be landing in Vancouver Airport (YVR) at the end of this month and I will have my cat with me. I wanted to know about other people experiences going through the landing procedure with their pets accompanying them. I will be arriving on a Saturday as that is the only day of the week that direct flights go to YVR from where I live in the US.
  2. I haven't done that personally, but I found this blog (a bit old and tapered for Philippine immigrants to Canada) but I think you can still pick up on some insightful advice:


    Good luck, and may you and your lovely pet have a wonderful landing!
  3. I had hands on experience about this.

    Two weeks ago, I brought my second dog to YVR from US. At the Canadian port of entry, I went to the residents line, used the touch screen kiosk, printout declaration form and showed it to the CBSA officers. I was instructed to collect my check in baggage (including the dog) and left the building.
  4. Travelling with your pet is not that complicated, provided you have the right paperwork to accompany the pet. Your pet will need a "pet passport" which includes information about vaccinations and identifications. Your local vet and state vet should be able to help you with that, though if you haven't dealt with that already chances are you may run into some trouble. Some of the things take months to set up. Hope you get it figured out. Also remember that you will probably have to dispose of any dog food or treats you have with you at the airport as they likely contain banned substances like meat etc. (depending also where you are travelling from)

    If you have the right paperwork this is a breeze. Nothing to worry about.
  5. OP is traveling from the US, like I was previously, so dog food or treats can be brought with him at the airport or land border.
  6. I travelled from Europe. Had to dispose of things.. :)
  7. Many years, I traveled from Asia. Allowed to keep things, too.
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    Were you landing for the first time? Did you need a "pet passport"? All I found is that from the US you need a valid rabies vaccination certificate for a cat (my pet is a cat). This will be my first time in Canada after receiving PR. When you "land" can you go through the residents line or do you have to go through the foreigners line? (Also I have lived in Canada before and gone through customs many times at YVR just not with a pet during a process that could take hours. This will also be my cats third international flight, so I am familiar with most of the basic pet travel stuff but I don't want to have to leave her to be quarantined because I didn't do something simple beforehand.)
  9. Between the lines, there's a CBSA officer standing. You can ask the officer how to proceed.

    In both occassions, I am just a returning citizen bringing a dog. I did not bring any pet passport. As for my recent trip from the US, I brought back to Canada a less than 3 months old puppy, so no rabies vaccination certificate is needed - I merely showed the CBSA officer some paperworks about the puppy age and what vaccination were taken. No quarantined and exited the building so quickly is beyond my expectation.

  10. Hey how was your experience? Our cat's paperwork is in order and she is flying with us in cabin . Did they take your pet for inspection as soon as you got off the flight and did you collect them after immigration? Just wondering how long she will be away from us as she is quite timid and scared.
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  11. If you're flying from the US, you only need the rabies vaccination and vet paperwork.
  12. Just sharing my experience! So we landed in YVR with our cat. She travelled in cabin with us. We went through the immigration kiosks and then were sent to the booth to speak with the immigration officer. After that we were sent to the customs area near the exit. Our cat's papers were inspected , I paid the fees and out we went! We spent more time in line, but the process was extremely easy!
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  13. can you tell me what airline you travelled with?
  14. Hi could you let me know which airline you used ?

  15. Lufthansa , make sure that its not code- sharing but operated by Lufthansa only.

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