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Landing with CoPR for Principal application without Dependent


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Apr 15, 2019
Hello everyone, please help and advise for my situation. I applied for PR under express entry. I received CoPR in May and it is expiring in 2 weeks. My dependent is not in Canada and cannot travel to Canada because of Covid-19 travel restrictions. IRCC says that I cannot perform Landing until my dependent can travel to Canada - but they also said in a letter that for my dependent to submit their passport for CoPR and Visa, I need to already be a PR... its a strange loop/circle.. is anyone else in this situation? Any advise for what I should do? I've tried calling IRCC, Web Form, lawyer, but no solution..


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Apr 6, 2019
You can land first as the primary applicant if you meet the requirements to do so. With a COPR issued after March 18 this means you have to be travelling from the US. If this doesn't apply to you, contact IRCC when you're ready to travel.


Aug 13, 2019
I've a unique situation and need some guidance. I've sponsored my parents (father is Principal Applicant and mother is Accompanying Dependent). My mother health condition is not good however both of them have cleared their medical examinations. Their application is in the final stages.
I understand that it is possible that, once their application is approved, only my father (principal applicant) does the landing in Canada alone and receives his Permanent Residence status, while my mother stays back. My question is if my mother is not at all able to come to Canada later, will it impact my father's permanent residence?