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Landing requirements with COPR


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Apr 15, 2019
Hello all, happy new year!
I have received my COPR in October, and planning to land in Canada.

This is what I received in the attached letter along with COPR.

So I do not seem to be exempt from current travel restrictions and I do not seem to satisfy any of the three restrictions i.e.
My COPR was issued in Oct 2021 and my PR application was not sponsored by anyone (what does sponsored mean here exactly?) and I do not live in the US (I stay in India).

(These seem like something I can never satisfy. Does it mean my PR is not valid anymore and I cannot land?)

And for the extra requirements,
#1: Do I need to permanently move immediately? I can't come for a few days, stay at my cousin's place, sort things out and come back later? I'm only given 4 months of time before my one-time visa expires and this is too short to make such a huge move.
#2: How do I 'show' this exactly?

Any clarifications or pointers that can help me have answers are much appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!