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Landing/proof of funds info required

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by amyames, Nov 13, 2017.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Great threads here, very informative. I just got my PR approval via FSWP, and will be moving from Nigeria soon. I have a question regarding proof of funds at the border.

    I know they sometimes ask for this at the port of entry, but do they actually check that the amount meets their minimum stated during ITA (12,300CAD)? I had to dip into my savings, so i’m a bit short on that. Could this be a problem for me? I heard somewhere that you can be denied entry because of this, though I haven’t come across anyone who has. Will they actually check if I have up to 12,300 CAD???

    Please share your experience on this. I'll be much obliged. Thanks.
  2. Basically you need to show the statements. You don't need that amount in hand.
    Yes, most of the time they don't ask. But they asked to me. I had not carried the pof statement since I had a new offer letter. But initially they denied entry for me. Then i had to log into my netbanking and show them the statements. Then they agreed for further formalities. Better safe to carry.
  3. Thanks for answering. I will definitely carry PoF - in my case, a bank draft in my name. So basically you’re saying they just need to see you are coming in with some money, and it doesn’t matter how much?

    Also, I will leave some money in my Nigerian bank account, so i can use my debit card to pay for stuff before opening a Canadian account. Will they accept a statement of account from a non-Canadian bank as further PoF?
  4. I would say, it does matter how much money - it should atleast be the minimum amount as was mentioned during your express entry application. The idea here for them is to ensure that you and your family will be able to sustain until the time you are settled here. Not sure about the bank drafts, I carried the bank statements that were officially stamped and signed by the bank.
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  5. @yodheydhara - you moved from USA. Right?

    Won't print out of Bank Statements from US Bank be sufficient? What about print out of bank Statements from Canadian bank?
  6. I know they accept only bank statements from Canadian banks (but maybe for US banks too).
  7. Thanks for your reply!
  8. I carried US Bank Statement prinouts. But I went to the bank and got the prints stamped and signed by the banker there.
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  9. That’s a good move. But like I said, i’m only absolutely certain of the Canadian banks
  10. Do they really ask for proof? Do they randomly ask for proof to check if you are lying or not?
    In my case, he asked me how much I was carrying, I told him the amount, he wrote it on the COPR, did not ask to see the proof.
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  11. I have heard that it's random.
  12. I see. Thanks for sharing!
  13. So what happens next when you are short of what is the minimum amount and they checked for proof?
  14. I’m seriously searching for an answer to this question, hence my first post. I may have to borrow some money to make it up, then pay back after crossing. Don’t want to take any chances.
  15. They accept the statements from the home country bank. Not a problem.
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