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Landing in Canada

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by mkas1987, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Hope all of you are doing great.

    I have been nominated by Saskatchewan and I will be travelling soon to Canada.

    my question is , I will arrive to Montreal and I will be doing the landing in Montreal and transit there for one night due to the long journey for the far east. but after Montreal I will go to Halifax, Nova Scotia and I will stay there for one week ( Family Visit) then I will travel and settle in Regina, Sk.

    Is there any problem for me travelling to Halifax before landing in my nominated province????

    I am doing this because it is way cheaper to travel from Montreal to Halifax. and it going to cost me double to travel , Montreal-Regina-Halifax-Regina .

    Can you please advice in this matter and is there any consequences that will show I have not landed in SK in the first time.
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    Others can comment as well but without looking at flight schedules and not knowing anyway from where in Far East your start point is it is doubtful you could fly direct to Regina anyway so the usual route would possibly be to land in Vancouver as initial POE for onward to Regina which would work for CBSA.

    Your challenge if there is one could be the fact that you are flying to the other side of the country as your initial POE where you will be completing your landing. Then you plan to exit the airport before onward travel to Halifax and then eventually travel to Regina SK your nomination province the other side of the country.

    With this itinerary CBSA and the fact you are on an SK nomination may well give you a hard time to prove your intent to head for SK especially given the breaks in travel. There is no way to predict what may or what may not happen but for sure you would need to be very convincing about your intent to go to SK and worst case CBSA if not convinced may not allow you to complete your landing in Montreal.

    The thing is that in my view anyway you should focus on completing your landing and do the tourist/family visit stuff sometime in the future. After all once landed you can travel to ,move to or work anywhere in the country regardless of any nomination, your current plan just adds an unnecessary challenge.

    Above is my personal view and should be read as such but decision is yours.

  3. Thanks for you reply , I think I will postpone my family visit.

    But am I allowed to transit one day in Montreal and then carry on my trip to SK ??

    I will be travelling from Malaysia to Montreal Via Qatar. the total duration is around 24 hours with the transit so at least I need a one day rest to gain power to travel to SK.

  4. Taking a day's break to rest should not be a problem.

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