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Landing Experience July 11th 2019


Jul 11, 2019
Hey everyone reading this,

I thought I’d share my landing experience from today at the Citizenship and Immigration, Etobicoke location for those who are on the path to permanent residency or who have received their landing appointment letters, as this forum helped me greatly while I was just figuring stuff out!

Couple of notes:

- I had a representative ( lawyers) had to take them off the list or else my card would be sent to them.

- I received a letter with an appointment time and date .

My appointment was for 1 pm at the Etobicoke location and as this was a spousal sponsorship, my husband and I had to show up together. As we got in we had to stand in line and wait for our turn to show the landing appointment letter to the security guards posted at the entrance of the room. The room is rather small and was jam packed with people waiting their turn. When it was my turn, I handed my letter to the security guard and he went through his list and checked my name off and ushered me to take a seat and gave me a “D355” token . Apparently “D” is for spousal landing.

We took our seats and had to wait for about an hour and a half . We arrived at 12:30. Finally our token number flashed on the screens above and showed the window number as 6. We went together and were greeted by a very jovial gentleman .

Here’s what he asked :

1. Can I have your passport and appointment letter and the receipt for $490 I had paid $1040 which included the $490 fee.
2. He asked my husband for his drivers license to match our addresses and just about barely looked at it .
3. When was your first entry to Canada -?
4. Your most recent entry to Canada?
5. Have you been convicted of any crime ?
6. Any other dependents not listed here?

Then he gave me the COPR document and asked me to initial my name against the last two questions on the list above and sign my name and then he gave me a paper that had my rights as a permanent resident on it and then he said “congratulations” you are now a PR of Canada .

The whole “appointment” took maybe 10 minutes at best?

Good luck to all those on the path to immigration! I hope my experience has helped in some way :)


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Nov 21, 2014
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Congrats. Could you please share time it took for IRCC to revert back to you on yout Etobicoke landing interview request?


Jul 11, 2019
Congrats. Could you please share time it took for IRCC to revert back to you on yout Etobicoke landing interview request?[/QUO

Hi there! So I’ll post my timeline:

1. Sent my application in on : August 10th,
2. AOR received : September 5, 2018
3. Work permit came approved : Nov 21, 2018
4. Request for Medicals: October 31, 2018
5. Medicals approved status posted : Nov 30, 2018
6. I had a call for eligibility : a lady officer from CIC called us on June 21, 2019 asking us basica questions from our application . Just things like when did you two get married? , how long were you living together , are there any other dependants on the application? She first spoke to my husband then me . Then she let me know that she would be making the decision and I would get to know in a few days. After the call, I got a message in my CIC inbox that I passed the eligibility
7. Invite for landing appointment : June 27, 2019 for July 11th, 2019. In my main email. Not through the CIC inbox titled “communication from CIC Etobicoke”. Hope this helps!
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