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Korean Police Check - Current (2019) situation

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by DarylM, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. I have been asked for Police checks from three of the countries I lived in. Korea is proving to be almost impossible. I have followed many threads on this and other websites but it seems that the document required by ICC is not longer issued by Korean police stations - some say the rules changed very recently.

    Can anyone offer solid, up-to-date advice?

  2. So i googled it and i saw this link on the IRCC website https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/police-certificates/how.html

    if you Put North Korea there is no info
    but South Korea Has info, on how to get it.

    thats all i have i hope some more experience can chime in.
    \Good Luck.
  3. Thanks, but that was my first lead. None of the links lead anywhere useful. Someone on another website gave me the link to https://www.csiscreening.com/international-criminal-checks/ which seems like a good organisation. However, they are currently displaying 'temporarily unavailable' for Korean police checks.
  4. Hi DaryIM
    If you don't mind asking, Did Cic request PCC while your file was in proces? Did they return your file for missing PCC? When did you Apply?
    the reason I'm asking you is I submitted Spousal Application last week and I couldn't get one PCC from Country B unless I have to pay $2000 flight, and Agent, now I'm worried that Cic may return my Application for missing PCC even through I put small note saying 'Saying PCC unobtainable from Country B.
  5. They will not return the file for Missing PCC the will request While in Process. and if its unobtainable now that s the only question i cant answer but i know normally if you are able to explain why you cannot obtain and show what you did ETC i know they normally will listen.

    Good Luck
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  6. Yes, as the following poster says, this request came after I submitted my application. I didn't know that I needed to submit police reports - I understood that it was only necessary if I lived there within the last 6 months. I applied in January 2018, so it's six months into my application. I, too, have read that so long as you show with evidence that you have made every effort it is enough, but I'm also aware that for the 3 references they are looking for I will be looking at another $1,000 to get them through 3rd party organisations.
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  7. Thanks for your response, I'm hoping my explanation note was acceptable to VO.
    Good luck your case
  8. Correction to above - I applied January 2019 of course.

    I'm still looking for a helpful response to this problem.

    I am considering allminwon.com but it will cost almost US$400 and they want up-front payment before they even ask for my details. I'd like to know if they are trustworthy and if the supply the correct certificate. I'm waiting for an email response from them.

    Anyone else got any experience?
  9. Is that because the CIC wants the Criminal (Investigation) Records Check Reply ‘For confirmation of investigation card materials (including lapsed criminal sentences)’ (범죄·수사경력 회보서: 수사자료표 내용 확인용 (실효된 형 등 포함))?

    I went to Korea for a quick vacation and got the PCC. The admin person at the police station has seriously warned that I cannot share this file to anywhere but that's what CIC wants so I've submitted. I saw another lady who was getting the PCC on behalf of her sibling who lives in Canada.

    Do you have any family member to get the PCC for you..? I don't know much about what has changed since, but hopefully you can get the right document... :/

    P.S - I've also looked at allminwon.com, and seemed like legit website, but I didn't use it after all...
  10. Yes, this is exactly why. I'm British - I worked in Korea for four years, ten years ago. I don't know anyone there anymore.

    I'm still waiting for a response from Allminwon - nothing so far. I'm not prepared to hand over $400 to people who don't respond to emails, so my final option will be the consulate and the lesser version I suppose.

    Thanks for your response
  11. Ugh, I'm so sorry to hear that! Even for Korean, it was freaking hard to get it. I think they should change the rule...

    And I agree, that's why I didn't want to use Allminwon. $400 is just ridiculous.

    Hopefully everything goes well on your application...!!!
  12. Hi, did you try sending allminwon an email requesting the document?

    For my case, my application got rejected because my PCC didn’t include the lapsed record. I have exhausted every option I had. Did contact allminwon, they are trustworthy. However before signing up for their service I sent them an email they replied right away saying that they don’t issue this document anymore.

    I sent my friend to two different police stations however she was rejected by both police stations. I sent my aunt to different police stations everywhere she was rejected. Tried to explain my situation to Korean consulate in singapore. They also asked me to follow the Police station’s instructions.

    I have raised a webform explaining this scenario no reply from them yet. Not really sure what else can I do. This seems kinda unfair to me, since they have rejected my application just based on a document which is illegal to obtain. Literally loosing hope and kinda lost...
  13. Hey there. So did you managed to get the police clearance from South Korea?
  14. No, I could not get the document.
  15. Hi everyone
    our application was cancelled because of pcc from south korea does not mention lapsed record. Its really unfair, so we want to request in allminwon.com . before doing that we need to know , this pcc from allminwon is acceptable for CIC or not?
    if you know please guide me.

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