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June UK visitor visa

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Saratkum, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. Any one in the UK still waiting from June ??? Its now cutting it reeeally really close, it's been 70days today!!
  2. Did you sent CSE to VAC ? or any response ?
    mine is 84 days still no reply
  3. I sent a couple of emails to the london office first one with a response "under active review" and no reply to second email and the IRCC web form.. Idk what else to do...
    Where did u apply from?
  4. Did you apply online?
    I applied online 26th July still status is still submitted. I have travelled to US and Canada in last 10 years and my US visa expired this year in may.
  5. Yep. I applied June 1st!
  6. Last time i made paper application in 2010 and visa was issued in 2 hours. I thought online application would be easier and quicker but looks like in for a long wait.
  7. hope so you will get decision soon
    i applied from Qatar online.

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