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June 2019 citizenship applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by rajanvnv, May 2, 2019.

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  2. Anyone pls help me get correct answer?
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    I do not think you can apply for your daughter in the same application as she has not completed the 1095 days of physical presence required.
  4. Thank you for your response! However, I found below checklist doc from canada.ca specifically for the minors who can apply with their parents. And, I don't see the physical presence as one of their checklist.


    Please suggest if my assumption is correct!
  5. Hi add me to the spreadsheet
    Application sent : 11th June 2019
    Application received :
    Days: 1,122
    Location: Vancouver
    App Type : 1 Adult 1 Minor
  6. Hi can you please add me to the spreadsheet
    Location - Calgary
    Application - Single
    Days competed - 1167
    Application sent - 29th May
    Application received - 3rd June
    Application received by - DJ

    Thank you Admin
  7. DJ
  8. Hello folks
    Today i am sending my application. Just one question what method did most of you used to send the application - courier or regular mail.
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    I am a May applicant. My docs have been received by Brian Erickson. As I noticed the majority of docs are received by DJ..lol.
    Did Brian receive your file too?
  10. "..spread sheet"))
  11. Hi please add me to the spreadsheet
    Application sent : June 7, 2019
    Application received : June 10, 2019
    Days: 1,095
    Location: Vancouver
    App Type : 1 Adult
  14. Yes, my file was received by agent Brian. Not sure on the last name. Just, Brian was mentioned in the receipt.
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  15. Admin please add me to the spreadsheet.

    Location - Ottawa
    Application - Single
    Days competed - 1119
    Application sent - 9th June
    Application received - 12th June

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